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Good Friday: He Gave Up His Spirit

Each year at Easter, we read about the arrest, trial, and execution of Jesus knowing that his resurrection is right around the corner. But what if you didn’t know that the story had a happy ending? Continue reading

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Maundy Thursday and the Command to Love

You’re probably familiar with Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday—the three most prominent days of Holy Week. But how much do you know about Maundy Thursday (that’s today!)? Continue reading

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The Disciples Who Didn’t Get It

One of the most perplexing things about the Easter story is that Jesus’ own disciples just didn’t get it. Why did the disciples struggle to understand and believe what was happening? Continue reading

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Anticipating the Messiah: Five Questions About Jesus and Prophecy

What did the Old Testament prophets have to say about the promised Messiah? If you’re interested in digging deeper into the subject of Messianic prophecy (a very appropriate research topic for Easter Week!), here are some helpful articles drawn from our library of devotionals. Continue reading

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“Everything Must Be Fulfilled:” Prophecy and the Messiah

Christians often speak of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as having been “prophesied” in the Bible. What does this mean? Continue reading

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Who Was Where (and When) During Holy Week?

The week between Palm Sunday and the Resurrection is the most detailed, event-filled sequence in all of the Gospels. Here’s a visual timeline that organizes the people and events of Holy Week. Continue reading

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Palm Sunday: The King Arrives!

The days leading up to Easter often have an understandably somber feel to them, particularly as we contemplate Jesus’ arrest, trial, and execution. It’s easy to forget that the week begins with a joyful event: the Triumphal Entry! Continue reading

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New Poll: How is Your Church Celebrating Holy Week?

Easter is almost here! Christians recognize Jesus’ resurrection every day, but once a year the church sets aside Easter for a special celebration of everything that Jesus’ death and resurrection means for us. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the first day … Continue reading

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Questions About Easter: Do the Resurrection Accounts in the Four Gospels Contradict Each Other?

A cursory reading of the resurrection in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John reveals a few differences in the recorded facts. Do the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection really match up? Continue reading

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Questions About Easter: What Is Significant About the Lamb’s Bones Not Being Broken?

When God gave Moses and Aaron the rules for the Passover, some might have sounded unconventional—for example, the clear prohibition against breaking any bones of the sacrificial lamb. Why did God insist on this? Continue reading

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