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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1305 God, activity of
1305 God, activity of

1305 God, activity of

God is not passive or remote from his creation but dynamically involved in all that he has made. In the past, this activity was seen in the history of Israel and in the ministry of Jesus Christ. In the present, God’s activity can be seen in the life of believers and of the church.

God is active by nature

He actively works out his purposes Jn 5:17 See also Nu 23:19; Ps 115:3; Pr 16:4; Isa 43:13

His names reflect his activity and involvement in his people’s lives Ge 22:14 “The Lord Will Provide”; Ex 15:26 “The Lord, who heals you”; Ex 17:15 “The Lord is my Banner”: this title emphasises that God is like a warrior who champions his people’s cause; Ps 95:6 “The Lord our Maker”: the Hebrew word used does not refer to original creation but to the way in which God is fashioning a people for himself.

His word is active Isa 55:10-11 The Hebrew for “word” can also be translated “deed” or “action”. God’s word is not merely a communication of abstract truth but a powerful force active in the world. See also Ge 1:3; Eze 37:4,7

God is active in the creation

In making the universe Ne 9:6 See also Ge 1:1,31; Ge 2:2; Ge 5:1-2; Ps 102:25; Am 4:13; Ac 17:24; Rev 4:11

In sustaining the created order Ps 103:19 See also Ps 104:10-17; Ps 107:33-35; Mt 6:28-30; Ac 14:17; Eph 1:11; Col 1:16-17

In bringing about changes in the weather Job 37:10; Job 38:22-30,34-35; Ps 107:25; Ps 147:8; Mt 5:45; Ac 14:17

In the stars and other heavenly bodies Job 38:31-33; Ps 104:19; Ps 147:4; Isa 40:26; Jas 1:17

In the animal creation Job 39:1-30; Job 40:15-24; Job 41:1-11; Ps 104:20-27; Ps 147:9; Mt 10:29 pp Lk 12:6

God is active in Israel’s history

In the calling and creation of Israel as a people Ex 6:6-8 See also Ge 12:1-3; Ex 19:3-6; Dt 4:32-34; Isa 51:2; Eze 16:6-7; Hos 11:1-4; Mal 2:10

In saving and delivering his people Ps 106:2 This verse introduces a psalm which recounts the history of God’s dealings with his people. See also Ex 33:16-17; 2Sa 7:7-11; 1Ki 18:36-38; Ps 28:8-9; Ps 107:2-3

In judgment Nu 25:3-4; 1Sa 2:25; 1Sa 12:16-18; 2Sa 21:1

In bringing victory in battle Ex 14:27-28; Ex 17:8-16; Nu 21:1-3; Jos 6:2; Jos 10:30; Jdg 7:9,22; 1Sa 17:47; 2Ch 20:22-23

In raising up and sending leaders to the people 2Sa 7:8-9; 2Ch 24:19; Est 4:14; Jer 7:25; Zec 7:7

God is active in the nations of the world

His rule over the nations Ps 22:28 See also Ge 11:8; Dt 32:8; Jdg 2:20-23; Job 12:23; Ps 46:8-10; Ps 66:7; Isa 41:2; Ac 17:26

Examples of nations through which God acts Assyria: 2Ki 17:18-23; Isa 28:11 Babylon: 2Ki 24:10-14; 2Ch 36:15-18
2Ch 36:22-23 pp Ezr 1:1-4 Persia

God is active in human life

He determines the course of human lives Ac 17:28 See also 1Ch 29:12; Ps 8:3-4; Ps 75:6-7; Ps 139:16; Lk 1:52; Jn 1:4

Examples of God’s intervention in human lives Nu 22:21-23 Balaam; 1Sa 1:19-20 Hannah; 2Ki 5:14-15 Naaman; Jnh 1:17 Jonah Paul: Ac 9:3-6; Ac 13:1-3; Ac 16:6,10

God is active in Jesus Christ’s ministry

Ac 10:38 See also Lk 5:17; Lk 11:20; Jn 3:2; Jn 5:17-19; Jn 9:3-4; Jn 14:10; 2Co 5:19

God is active through the Holy Spirit

Ge 1:2; 2Ki 2:16; Eze 8:3; Eze 11:1; Eze 43:5

God is active in the church

1Co 12:6 This verse comes in the context of teaching about the body of Christ and the gifts which the Spirit gives to the church. See also 1Co 14:24-25; Gal 2:8; Gal 3:5; Eph 3:10,20-21; Php 1:6; Php 2:13

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