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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1320 God, as Saviour
1320 God, as Saviour

1320 God, as Saviour

God is the only Saviour and deliverer of his people. His work of salvation is inaugurated in the OT, and reaches its climax in the work of Jesus Christ.

God is the only Saviour

Isa 45:21-22 See also Jdg 10:13-14; Isa 43:11; Jer 2:28; Jer 3:23; Jer 11:12

God’s deliverance can be worked through a human agent

Jdg 2:16 See also Ge 45:5-7; Ex 3:10; Jos 10:6-10; Jdg 2:18; Jdg 6:14-16; 2Ki 13:5; Isa 45:1,13

Examples of God’s saving deeds

God delivers his people from Egypt: Ex 6:6-7; Ex 14:13-14,21-23,27-28; Ps 77:19-20; Hos 13:4 God delivers David from various dangers: 1Sa 17:37; 2Sa 22:1-3 pp Ps 18:2; 2Sa 22:18 pp Ps 18:17; Ps 3:8
Da 6:16-22 God delivers Daniel from the lions’den. God delivers the apostles from prison: Ac 5:18-19; Ac 12:6-11; Ac 16:25-26

God’s acts of deliverance reveal his nature and character

Isa 52:10 See also Ps 98:2; Isa 49:6; Lk 3:4-6; Isa 40:3-5; Ro 1:16

His strength is seen Ps 18:2 “rock” and “horn” symbolise God’s strength; they are fequently used to emphasise his ability to save. See also Ex 15:2 pp Ps 118:14; 1Sa 2:1; 2Sa 22:2-3,47 pp Ps 18:46; Ps 28:8

His glory is seen Ex 14:4 See also Ex 14:17-18; Nu 14:22; Ps 85:9; Isa 66:19; Eze 39:21

God’s deliverance is anticipated

Ps 31:2 See also Ge 49:18; Ps 35:4; Ps 69:13-15; Isa 33:22; Isa 35:4

God’s deliverance is promised

Ex 6:6 See also Ps 50:15; Ps 91:14; Isa 38:6; Isa 46:4; Eze 34:12

Implications of God’s deliverance for believers

God is able to deliver believers from trials and testing 2Ti 4:18 See also Da 12:1; Mt 6:13; 1Co 10:13; 2Pe 2:9; Rev 3:10

God is able to deliver believers from sin and death Ro 7:24-25 God delivers both from death owing to adversity and from death that comes about as a result of sin. See also 2Sa 12:13; Ps 33:19; Eze 37:23; 1Co 15:56-57; 2Co 1:9-10

Testimony to God as Saviour and deliverer

Ge 50:20 See also Ps 13:5; Ps 18:46-48; Isa 61:10; Da 6:27; Hab 3:18; Lk 1:47; 1Ti 4:10

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