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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 1330 God, the provider
1330 God, the provider

1330 God, the provider

God supplies the needs of all creation, but gives special care to his own people.

God is called “The Lord who provides”

Ge 22:13-14 The name “Yahweh Yireh” (or “Jehovah Jireh”) is from the verb “to see”, and means “The Lord foresees” or “The Lord will see to it”. See also Ge 22:8

God provides for the needs of all creation

He provides for the earth Ps 65:9-13 See also Dt 11:12,14-15; Ps 68:9; Ps 104:10-18; Ps 135:7; Ps 147:8; Eze 34:26-29

He provides for the animals Ps 145:16 See also Job 38:41; Ps 104:27-28; Ps 147:9; Mt 6:26 pp Lk 12:24

He provides for all people Ac 14:17 See also 1Ch 29:12; Ps 68:5; Ps 107:9; Mt 5:45; Ac 17:28

He provides for the poor and needy Ps 140:12 See also 1Sa 2:8; Ps 35:10; Ps 145:13-14; Ps 146:7-9; Isa 25:4

Special instances of God’s practical provision

Food and water in the wilderness: Ex 16:13-18; Ex 17:3-6; Nu 11:4-9,31-32 God’s provision for Elijah: 1Ki 17:6,16; 1Ki 19:5-8
2Ki 4:42-44 Elisha feeds 100 men from 20 barley loaves; Mt 14:15-21 pp Mk 6:35-44 pp Lk 9:12-17 pp Jn 6:5-13 Jesus Christ feeds 5,000; Mt 15:32-38 pp Mk 8:1-9 Jesus Christ feeds 4,000

God’s special provision for his own people

He provides for their practical needs Php 4:19 See also Dt 2:7; Ps 68:10; Ps 111:5; Mt 6:25-33 pp Lk 12:22-31

He provides for their protection Ps 5:12 See also Ge 28:15; Dt 33:27; 1Sa 2:9; Ps 91:9-13; Ps 121:3-8; Isa 46:4; Php 4:7; 1Pe 1:5; Jude 24; Rev 3:10

He provides for their every need 2Pe 1:3 See also 1Co 3:21-23; Col 2:10

Examples of God’s provision for his people 2Sa 7:10 pp 1Ch 17:9 security in the promised land; Isa 61:3 consolation in grief; Jer 33:6-9 restoration from captivity; 1Co 10:13 a way of escape from temptation

Implications of God’s providential care

Freedom from worry Mt 6:31-33 pp Lk 12:29-31

Generosity Lk 6:38 See also 1Ch 29:14; 2Co 9:6-11; Php 4:18

Faithfulness Ro 2:4 See also Isa 5:1-7; Hos 10:1-2; Hos 11:1-4

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