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Frequently Asked Questions About the Bible Gateway Beta Website

What do you think of the Bible Gateway beta website so far? The beta has been available for several weeks now, and we’ve been hard at work making fixes and improvements based on visitor feedback. As the beta period has gone on (and as the date of the new website’s official launch draws closer), we’ve […]

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Bible Trivia: Where Do Verse and Chapter Numbers Come From?

We recently posted a short video tutorial that explains how to adjust the way that the text of Scripture appears on the Bible Gateway beta website. Briefly mentioned in the video is the option to easily toggle the presence of chapter and verse numbers on and off. But do you know why those verse numbers […]

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Find What You’re Looking For: A Tour of Bible Gateway’s Keyword Search Feature

As we noted in yesterday’s post about the most popular keyword searches on Bible Gateway, one of the core features of Bible Gateway is its keyword search feature: the ability to search the Bible for a particular word or phrase. But with all the different options on the Keyword Search page, it isn’t always clear […]

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How to Share Verses and Devotionals on Twitter, Facebook, and via Email

Did you know you can share any Bible passage on Twitter, Facebook, or by email with just a few clicks? Here are step-by-step instructions for doing so.

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Questions About Easter: Do the Resurrection Accounts in the Four Gospels Contradict Each Other?

A cursory reading of the resurrection in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John reveals a few differences in the recorded facts. Do the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection really match up?

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Frequently-Asked Questions About the Bible Gateway Mobile App

Since we launched the Bible Gateway app for iPad, we’ve been thrilled by all the excitement! We’ve also gotten a number of good questions about the app. Here are some answers.

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Answers to your questions about the new Bible Gateway

Since we announced the upcoming launch of the new Bible Gateway site, we’ve received a number of questions from Bible Gateway users about the transition to the new site. Here are some frequently-asked questions about the new Bible Gateway, with accompanying answers

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How to read commentaries alongside Scripture at the new Bible Gateway

Did you know that Bible Gateway has a library of Bible commentaries online? At the new Bible Gateway, we’ve made it easy for you to see what Bible scholars have to say about the Bible passage you’re reading.

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Is there a Bible Gateway iPhone app?

Many of you have written to ask us if there is an official Bible Gateway app for the iPhone (or other mobile device)….

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Parallel Passages: Reading Different Translations Side by Side

We’re often asked if it’s possible to read the same passage in multiple translations side by side on Bible Gateway. Fortunately, the answer is yes! Here’s how.

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