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Reformation Reading at Bible Gateway

Looking to do some Reformation reading today? You may not realize it, but Bible Gateway’s got a strong library of Reformation-related material, all online and easily accessible. Here are some of our Reformation resources: The Geneva Bible: It seems fitting to start this list with the book that lay at the center of the Reformation: […]

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Don’t Wait to Ponder Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year when your calendar seems to gather speed and many social events crowd your already busy schedule. While Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas ought to be times of spiritual contemplation and relational reconnection, they can easily become frantic deadlines that produce frazzled emotions. Bible Gateway will help you reclaim proper perspective with […]

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Do You Steer Clear of Temptation?

Yesterday, I posted several of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes. In one of them, Lewis offers advice to a friend struggling with sexual temptation. Here’s the quote: “We must learn by experience to avoid either trains of thought or social situations which for us (not necessarily for everyone) lead to temptations. Like motoring—don’t wait till […]

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Start a Family Devotion Time With “Streams in the Desert for Kids”

Do you have regular family devotion time? If you’re like me, family devotional time at the dinner table is something you want to do, but struggle to make happen in the midst of hectic work and school schedules. For every idyllic shared family meal at our house, there’s another disrupted by late workdays, church meetings, […]

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Last Day to Win a Case of The Joshua Code Books!

Today is the last day to take the Devotionals Daily Bible Quiz and be entered to win a whole case of The Joshua Code: 52 Scripture Verses Every Believer Should Know! If you haven’t yet done so, hop over to Facebook and enter!

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New Devotional: Do You Know the 10 Bible Verses Every Believer Should Know?

How well do you know the Bible? Maybe you’ve been a Bible-reading Christian for many years, and you know the major stories of Scripture by heart. Or maybe you’re new to the Bible—you’ve never read it, or you’ve tried to read it but found it tough going. Either way, there’s always room for you to […]

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Un Día a La Vez: New Spanish Devotional by Claudia Pinzón

We’re pleased to announce a brand-new daily devotional in Spanish: Un Día a La Vez! If you or someone you know has lamented the lack of Spanish devotions on Bible Gateway in the past, we hope you’ll find Un Dia a la Vez to be just what you were waiting for.

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“C.S. Lewis Daily” Begins Tomorrow

Don’t forget–“C.S. Lewis Daily,” our new daily email featuring the best of C.S. Lewis’ writing, begins tomorrow!

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Our “Women of the Bible” Devotional is Re-launching with Brand New Content!

Our popular devotional Women of the Bible is re-launching this week with all-new devotional content!

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Five Timeless Quotes by Charles Spurgeon

What preachers, writers, or thinkers do you find yourself quoting and sharing with others? Charles Spurgeon must stand as one of the most quotable Christian writers in the history of the church–and here are five quotes that illustrate why.

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