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Blog / Where Do You Read the Bible? Bible Gateway Visitors Share Their Answers

Where Do You Read the Bible? Bible Gateway Visitors Share Their Answers

In a recent online poll, we asked visitors to the Bible Gateway blog where they most often read the Bible. Thousands of readers responded; here’s what they shared.

A full 30% of poll respondents say they read their Bible most often in a study room in their home. Not far behind are those who say they read “everywhere” because they use a mobile Bible app (19%).

The next most common location for Bible reading is in bed before drifting off to sleep (19%), followed by church (6%), the dinner table (5%), at the office (5%), in a Bible study group (3%), and during their commute to work (1%). Twelve percent say they read the Bible most often in other locations.

The relatively high number of people who take the Bible with them everywhere via a mobile app fits with the results of our previous poll, in which six out of every ten people said mobile device Bible apps (like the Bible Gateway App) have caused them to read the Bible more than they did before they downloaded the apps.

Wherever you do your Bible reading, we encourage you to read the Bible daily. Our email, mobile, and online reading plans, newsletters, and devotionals make engagement with Scripture as convenient as possible for you.

Our next Bible Gateway poll asks: Does a digital Bible on a mobile device have the same significance as a print Bible in political and judicial swearing-in ceremonies? Share your answer below:

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