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Blog / Poll Results: Do Bible Apps Help You Read the Bible More?

Poll Results: Do Bible Apps Help You Read the Bible More?

In our poll earlier this month, we asked has the availability of a Bible app for your smartphone, tablet, Kindle, or other mobile device changed your Bible reading habits?

It seemed an obvious question to posit, considering that over 1 billion smartphones are actively sending and receiving data across the world. But while few of us would dispute the ease and convenience of this fast access to digital books, we also wondered: what if digital pocket access to the Bible isn’t necessarily better? Is there something to be said about holding to our analog, leather-bound roots?

Obviously, at Bible Gateway we love being able to read and study the Word of God online and on our mobile devices. It’s fast, simple, and makes it possible to access a plethora of resources we might not otherwise be able to turn to. With an app, we can confidently walk into church not just with a Bible, but with many Bibles—and perhaps commentaries, devotionals, and other useful resources as well. No, I don’t have a book with me. Yes, I brought my Bible. It fits in the palm of my hand.

So we asked you whether digital Bibles have positively affected your Bible reading… and you responded with a firm “Yes. Digital access to the Bible allows us to read God’s Word more!”

Here are the results of the poll.

  • Yes. I read the Bible much more than I did before, thanks to Bible apps. (42%)
  • Yes, I read the Bible somewhat more than I used to. (23%)
  • I don’t use an app to read the Bible. (19%)
  • No, my Bible reading habits haven’t changed. (12%)
  • Yes, I read the Bible LESS than I used to. (4%)

A few things to think about as you consider these poll results:

  1. Do you engage with Scripture as deeply when you’re accessing it through an app?
  2. Do fast digital access to Scripture help you to spread Scripture to others?
  3. If you haven’t downloaded a Bible app, should you? Why or why not?

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