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Blog / Answers to your questions about the new Bible Gateway

Answers to your questions about the new Bible Gateway

Since we announced the upcoming launch of the new Bible Gateway site, we’ve received a number of questions from Bible Gateway users about the transition to the new site. Here are some frequently-asked questions about the new Bible Gateway, with accompanying answers:

What’s different at the new site?

A lot has changed, but in almost every case, we’ve worked to improve existing features rather than overhaul them. Here’s a rundown of the most important changes:

As you browse the new site, you’ll notice many other small improvements as well, but this list accounts for most of the major ones. One of our key goals in making these changes has been to preserve, whenever possible, Bible Gateway features that you’ve come to know and love—so we hope you’ll find the improvements helpful, but not disruptive to your use of Bible Gateway.

Where will the new site be located?

On June 1, will update to the new site and design; the Bible Gateway URL isn’t going to change. Until then, you can preview the new site at

Will the old Bible Gateway site be available after June 1?

The old Bible Gateway site will continue to be available for a while after June 1, and you’ll be able to switch back to it if you desire. We’ve worked to preserve as much as possible of the familiar Bible Gateway features, so we don’t think you’ll see a need to use the old site. But if you do come across a feature that’s missing in the new site, please let us know!

Will I need to log in or create an account to use the new site?

No, the new site requires no account creation or login to use. If you created a Bible Gateway account in order to access the early beta of the new Bible Gateway, you can set that aside for now, as it is no longer necessary. If we add user accounts to Bible Gateway in the future, we’ll be sure to provide plenty of advance notice and explanation.

My website links to Bible Gateway, or to Bible passages on Bible Gateway. Will those links continue to work?

Yes, hyperlinks to verses and passages on Bible Gateway will continue to work. You won’t need to make any changes to your existing links; they’ll be automatically redirected to the appropriate place on the new site.

You keep asking for feedback—how do I get in touch with you?

Up until the June 1 launch, if you have feedback about the preview site, you can let us know by clicking on the Share your feedback link at the very top of

However, for general Bible Gateway support questions and issues, we invite you to visit our new Bible Gateway support site, where you can browse a large library of frequently-asked questions about everything from technical problems to Bible version requests. You can submit a question or report a problem by clicking Submit a Request at the top of the support site.

I’m subscribed to one or more email newsletters or reading plans at Bible Gateway. Will those be affected by the new site launch?

No, your email subscriptions will be unaffected—you’ll continue to receive emails without interruption, and can still subscribe or unsubscribe to any of the email newsletters as in the past.

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