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Blog / The new Bible Gateway launches on June 1!

The new Bible Gateway launches on June 1!

Mark your calendar: on Wednesday, June 1, the new Bible Gateway site officially launches!

The new Bible Gateway, launching on June 1. Get a preview at!

It’s been a long road to the new Bible Gateway, but we’re confident that it’s been well worth the wait. When you visit Bible Gateway on June 1, you’ll find a fresh design and a host of new and improved features.

Want to get to know the new Bible Gateway before it launches? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Watch an introduction to the new site by Rachel Barach, Bible Gateway’s general manager.
  2. Visit, a fully functional preview of the new site. (And don’t forget to tell us what you think—we use your feedback to improve the site!)
  3. Read detailed highlights of new and improved Bible Gateway features here at the blog. So far we’ve talked about the improved Verse of the Day, explained how to read Bible commentaries and side-by-side Bibles, and showed how to listen to the Bible. And keep an eye on the blog between now and June 1; there’s more to come!
  4. Visit on June 1 and enjoy the new site!

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