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Preview the new Bible Gateway!

We’re thrilled to announce the new and improved Bible Gateway!

Each month, millions of people visit Bible Gateway to engage with God’s Word. You might use Bible Gateway for your daily devotional reading, to prepare for Sunday School or a small group Bible study, to find inspiration in the Verse of the Day, or for one of many other purposes. At the new Bible Gateway, it’s easier than ever to access the Bible in whatever way you prefer–and you’ll notice many improvements and enhancements to the features you rely on.

At the new Bible Gateway, you’ll find:

  • an attractive new design and user interface
  • an enhanced Verse of the Day, with the ability to quickly and easily share Bible verses with your friends
  • easy side-by-side (parallel) comparison of more than one Bible

We’ve carefully observed how people use Bible Gateway, and drawn on thousands of helpful suggestions and requests from our faithful visitors. We’ve worked hard to add to and improve Bible Gateway’s features while retaining familiar features and functionality.

We invite you to preview the new Bible Gateway and let us know what you think! Feedback from Bible Gateway visitors has been critical in getting to this point, and will continue to be vital as we prepare to unveil the new Bible Gateway. Use the link at the top of each page on the new site to click through to the survey once you’ve browsed the new site.

You can find the fully-functional preview of the new Bible Gateway at We hope you find it a welcome change, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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