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Blog / New Bible Gateway Poll Results: Bible Apps & Reading Habits

New Bible Gateway Poll Results: Bible Apps & Reading Habits

Six out of every ten people say Bible apps for their mobile devices have caused them to read the Bible more than they did before they downloaded the apps. That’s according to our latest online poll, in which more than 10,000 people voted.

Our poll asked Have Bible reading apps for mobile devices changed your Bible reading habits? Out of a total of 10,072 votes cast in the poll, the majority say they read the Bible much more (37%, 3,749 votes) or somewhat more (23%, 2,350 votes) than they used to before getting Bible apps.

“These results are in keeping with research conducted by others,” says Rachel Barach, general manager of Bible Gateway. “Bible apps make the proximity of the Bible as ever-present as a person’s smartphone or tablet, which means we can now read the Bible on the spur of the moment anywhere we find ourselves. It makes sense that we would be reading it more often.”

Bible Gateway’s critically-acclaimed free Bible app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle Fire is available at It offers multiple text and audio Bible versions in a variety of languages, Bible reference books, reading plans, reminders, and more.

Seventeen-percent (1,709 votes) of those voting in the Bible Gateway poll say they don’t use an app to read the Bible, 15% (1,505 votes) say they read the Bible less than they used to, and 8% (645 votes) say their Bible reading habits haven’t changed.

Our next Bible Gateway poll asks “Where do you read the Bible most often?” Share your answer below:

Where do you read the Bible most often?

  • A study room in my home. (33%, 1,924 Votes)
  • Everywhere (I use a mobile app). (21%, 1,223 Votes)
  • In bed before going to sleep. (21%, 1,222 Votes)
  • Other. (13%, 780 Votes)
  • At church. (7%, 405 Votes)
  • At the dinner table. (5%, 306 Votes)
  • At the office. (5%, 292 Votes)
  • In a Bible study group. (4%, 225 Votes)
  • During my commute. (2%, 90 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,882

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