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Make Bible Reading a Habit in 2013

It’s become an annual tradition here at Bible Gateway to try and find ways to help people get to know the Bible better–and in 2013, we want to help you make Bible reading a habit. Continue reading

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Give Thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Bible Gateway! Continue reading

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Give Thanks! A New Thanksgiving Devotional About Gratitude

What emotions do you feel as you contemplate the approaching holiday season? Peace, joy, and thankfulness? Or does the Thanksgiving and Christmas season mean exhausting travel, hectic schedules, and stress? We’re all commonly encouraged to remember the true spirit of … Continue reading

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A Primer on the Christian Calendar

Do you follow the Christian calendar? I grew up attending churches that didn’t emphasize the Christian calendar, and thus remained largely unaware of it. But the church I currently attend does periodically focus on the Holy Days of the traditional … Continue reading

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We Are Citizens of Heaven

Whoever you are, American or otherwise, you have a plenty of reasons to be thankful today! Continue reading

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Father’s Day: What Makes a Good Father?

What does a good father look like, according to the Bible? You may be familiar with the famous admonition to Christian fathers in the book of Ephesians. But the Bible has much more to say about the traits that define a godly father. Continue reading

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The Excitement of Pentecost

There’s electricty in the air today. Today is the celebration of Pentecost, a day two thousand years ago on which something amazing happened: Pentecost. Continue reading

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Shavuot: God’s Law is Given

There’s more going on this weekend than just Memorial Day! Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday, for one. And if that isn’t enough holiday excitement, this weekend also marks the Jewish celebration of Shavuot. Continue reading

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Questions About Easter: Do the Resurrection Accounts in the Four Gospels Contradict Each Other?

A cursory reading of the resurrection in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John reveals a few differences in the recorded facts. Do the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ resurrection really match up? Continue reading

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Purim: God Brings Deliverance Through One Woman’s Courage

“One person can make a difference!” It’s a clichéd phrase that gets trotted out at every national election—the idea that one man or woman among thousands or even millions can have a significant impact. Well, cliché or not, it was … Continue reading

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