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“Isn’t That Name from the Bible?” How to Use Bible Gateway to Look Up Bible Characters

A few weeks ago in a conversation with friends, someone asked who Melzar was. A short discussion ensued in which everyone agreed they were “pretty sure he’s from the Bible.” Then an iPhone was produced to consult with Google to … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Scripture: The Return of the Prodigal Son

How would you react if someone you loved left you for a life of debauchery… and then returned? That’s what happens in Jesus’ most famous parable. Continue reading

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Letters to the Church: Ephesians

Did you know that most of the books that comprise the New Testament are actually letters? These letters (also known as “epistles”) contain both general Christian teaching and specific instructions for the congregation to which they were addressed. As part … Continue reading

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Three Bible Heroes Who Doubted

Almost everyone has, at some point in their life, doubted—doubted the Bible, God, or key elements of the faith. Here are the stories of three prominent Bible heroes who experienced doubt. Continue reading

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Tuesday Morning Scripture: John 4 and The Other at the Well

Who are the “Others” in your local culture? In John 4, Jesus speaks to a shunned woman—and demonstrates how we should act toward people living on the margins of society. Continue reading

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Somali Bible Now Available at Bible Gateway

The Somali Bible is now available at Bible Gateway! Continue reading

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New Danish, Castilian, and Hebrew Translations Now Available on Bible Gateway

We’re excited to announce that we’re rolling out three new translations from our friends at Biblica today: the Danish Bibelen på hverdagsdansk, the Castialian Nueva Versión Internacional (Castilian) and the New Testament Hebrew translation Habrit Hakhadasha/Haderekh! Continue reading

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Monday Morning Scripture: The (Almost) Sacrifice of Isaac

Genesis 22 contains one of the most unusual and challenging stories in the entire Old Testament. Beyond its value as a fascinating story about a famous Biblical hero, it has much to say about faith, humanity, and our relationship to God. Continue reading

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Four Bible Passages to Read When Life Overwhelms You

When we’re grieving or going through hardship, do you turn to the Bible for help? We’ve chosen four Bible passages below that communicate a simple but powerful truth: God will not and does not forget us. Continue reading

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Link Roundup: The Most Religious Countries, Canticles, and Reverend Fun on Watercraft Repair

Noteworthy links that caught our eye in recent days. Continue reading

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