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Today is Ascension Day

Today, May 17th, is Ascension Day—or the Feast of the Ascension—a day commemorating Jesus’ ascent into heaven. In the Christian calendar, Ascension day always falls forty days after Easter. After the resurrection Jesus returned to His disciples. We read accounts of some of his miracles and appearances at the end of all of the Gospels. […]

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New Poll: How long have you been attending your current church?

We’re opening a new poll today to ask about how long you’ve been attending your current church. Did you just start going there, or have you been going there your entire life? We want to know! Take a second to vote below: Finding a church that you can attend regularly is a wonderful thing. All […]

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How to Share Verses and Devotionals on Twitter, Facebook, and via Email

Did you know you can share any Bible passage on Twitter, Facebook, or by email with just a few clicks? Here are step-by-step instructions for doing so.

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“An Extravagant Outpouring:” Reflections on the Wedding at Cana

It was a wedding on the brink of disaster… but Jesus stepped in to save with with an act of “gratuitous, gracious generosity.” Read about the miracle at Cana and what it teaches us about God’s grace.

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What the Feeding of the Five Thousand Teaches Us About Community… and Food

Are you familiar with the Biblical story of the feeding of the five thousand? Read a reflection on the power of community… and food.

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Render Unto Caesar: Jesus, Money, and Taxes

As if you needed anyone else to tell you: if you live in the U.S., your taxes are due! Whenever tax season rolls around, I think of two passages from the Gospels in which Jesus discusses money, wealth, and taxes.

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How to Turn Your Lent Bible Reading Habit Into a Year-Long One

Easter marked the end of the season of Lent. And for many of you, it also marked the end of a six-week Bible reading plan! If you’ve just made it through one of our Lent reading plans, consider keeping up the habit by trying out a year-long Bible reading plan.

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Good Friday: He Gave Up His Spirit

Each year at Easter, we read about the arrest, trial, and execution of Jesus knowing that his resurrection is right around the corner. But what if you didn’t know that the story had a happy ending?

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New Poll: How is Your Church Celebrating Holy Week?

Easter is almost here! Christians recognize Jesus’ resurrection every day, but once a year the church sets aside Easter for a special celebration of everything that Jesus’ death and resurrection means for us. Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, the first day of Holy Week—the period of time beginning with Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem and ending […]

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New Poll: How’s Your Bible Reading Plan Going?

How are you doing with your Bible reading plan so far this year? Take our poll and let us know how your Bible reading is going in 2012.

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