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Link Roundup: Depression and the Church

As I mentioned earlier this week, this year has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of discussion within the Christian church about depression and mental illness. Sparked to a large extent by the tragic death of Rick Warren’s son earlier this year, many Christians are calling for the church to reconsider its understanding of […]

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Link Roundup: Crisis in Nairobi, Sukkot, and More

A few items of interest today: I hope you’ll join us this week in praying for the ongoing crisis in Nairobi, Kenya. Even after the situation is resolved—hopefully without further loss of life—the survivors and families of the victims will need prayer as they recover. Are you familiar with the Boundaries books? They comprise a […]

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Link Roundup: Dark Nights, Sketchy Sermons, and King Solomon’s Mines

Time for a quick roundup of interesting and noteworthy links that have caught our attention lately!

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Link Roundup: Frederick Douglass, Preaching Nightmares, and Differing Views on Hell

It’s been a while since we’ve done a link roundup! Here in the United States, today is sandwiched between a federal holiday and the weekend. Here’s some interesting reading to get you through your holiday weekend.

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The Twelve Links of Christmas

Enjoy some holiday reading this weekend: Why We Need Jesus: Why something more than human reason is necessary for us to know God. Twelve Reasons for Christmas from the most definitive source on the subject. Five Common Myths About the Christmas Story. How many of these were you aware of? How December 25 Became Christmas, […]

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Link Roundup: Linguistic Confusion, One Thousand Gifts, and Becoming a Mess

Here are some interesting or noteworthy links that we’ve noticed recently. How Similar Words Lead Bible Translators Astray—how Bible scholars can fall victim to linguistic confusion when two related, but different, words are used in different places in the Bible. Ann Voskamp on the release of her One Thousand Gifts DVD study. If you haven’t […]

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Link Roundup: Bad Marketing, Arguments For and Against God, & Why You Read the Bible

Here are some recent notable or interesting links that have crossed our radar lately: At the Jesus Creed blog, Jeff Cook has starting a series of posts addressing the top ten arguments for and against God’s existence. The first argument is one you’ve almost certainly thought about before. What do you think of his response? […]

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Link Roundup: Bible Engagement, Peter’s Conversion, and Acts in History

It’s time for another roundup of noteworthy links from around the web! These are just a few of the interesting articles and discussions we’ve run across recently: Lifeway Study on Bible Engagement: A recent study that focuses on how chuchgoers engage the Bible. Their findings aren’t entirely comforting: “While the majority of churchgoers desire to […]

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Link Roundup: Books, Ideas, and Impatience

A few noteworthy items that have crossed our radar lately

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Link Roundup: Atheism, Electronic Bibles, and Heavenly Destinations

Here are a few interesting links that have caught our attention lately: Six Ways to Practice the Presence of God Throught Your Day: some suggestions to help you “live moment by moment, conscious of God’s presence.” Does the Bible produce atheists? Does reading it foster doubt and create confusion? Some challenging thoughts on how to […]

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