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The Twelve Links of Christmas

Enjoy some holiday reading this weekend:

  1. Why We Need Jesus: Why something more than human reason is necessary for us to know God.
  2. Twelve Reasons for Christmas from the most definitive source on the subject.
  3. Five Common Myths About the Christmas Story. How many of these were you aware of?
  4. How December 25 Became Christmas, in case you’ve ever wondered.
  5. God With Us at Sandy Brook: Finding “Emmanuel” in the aftermath of horror.
  6. What the first Christmas was really like: debunking a few more common misconceptions about the Christmas story.
  7. The Foolish Wisdom of Bilbo Baggins: not strictly Christmas-related, but let’s be honest, we’re all going to see The Hobbit over Christmas vacation, right?
  8. The Twelve Voices of Christmas: the classic Christmas audio dramatization from Back to the Bible.
  9. Charles Spurgeon on Christmas: “Immanuel, God with us in our nature, in our sorrow, in our lifework, in our punishment, in our grave, and now with us…”
  10. The Christmas truce: when the peace of Christmas appeared (however briefly) during World War I.
  11. Who was Saint Nicholas? The strange and fun history of the Santa Claus myth.
  12. Ordinary people can now hold a conversation with God: why did the Messiah come to Earth in the form of a helpless baby?

Have a wonderful weekend, and a peaceful Christmas!

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