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Psalm 107-109 1 Corinthians 4 (Easy-to-Read Version)

Psalm 107-109

Book 5

(Psalms 107-150)

107 Praise the Lord, because he is good!
    His faithful love will last forever!
Everyone the Lord has saved should repeat that word of thanks.
    Praise him, all who have been rescued from the enemy.
He gathered his people together from many different countries.
    He brought them from east and west, north and south.[a]

Some of them wandered in the dry desert.
    They were looking for a place to live,
    but they could not find a city.
They were hungry and thirsty
    and growing weak.
Then they called to the Lord for help,
    and he saved them from their troubles.
He led them straight to the city where they would live.
Thank the Lord for his faithful love
    and for the amazing things he does for people.
He satisfies those who are thirsty.
    He fills those who are hungry with good things.

10 Some of God’s people were prisoners,
    locked behind bars in dark prisons.
11 That was because they had fought against what God said.
    They refused to listen to the advice of God Most High.
12 God made life hard for those people
    because of what they did.
They stumbled and fell,
    and there was no one to help them.
13 They were in trouble, so they called to the Lord for help,
    and he saved them from their troubles.
14 He took them out of their dark prisons.
    He broke the ropes that held them.
15 Thank the Lord for his faithful love
    and for the amazing things he does for people.
16 He breaks down their bronze gates.
    He shatters their iron bars.

17 Some people became fools and turned against God,
    and they suffered for the evil they did.
18 They became so sick that they refused to eat,
    so they almost died.
19 They were in trouble, so they called to the Lord for help,
    and he saved them from their troubles.
20 He gave the command and healed them,
    so they were saved from the grave.
21 Thank the Lord for his faithful love
    and for the amazing things he does for people.
22 Offer sacrifices of thanks to him.
    Sing with joy about all that he has done.

23 Some sailed the sea in ships.
    Their work carried them across the water.
24 They saw what the Lord can do.
    They saw the amazing things he did at sea.
25 He gave the command, and a strong wind began to blow.
    The waves became higher and higher.
26 The waves lifted them high into the sky
    and dropped them into the deep sea.
    The storm was so dangerous that the men lost their courage.
27 They were stumbling and falling like someone who is drunk.
    Their skill as sailors was useless.
28 They were in trouble, so they called to the Lord for help,
    and he saved them from their troubles.
29 He stopped the storm
    and calmed the waves.
30 The sailors were happy that the sea became calm,
    and he led them safely to where they wanted to go.
31 Thank the Lord for his faithful love
    and for the amazing things he does for people.
32 Praise God in the great assembly.
    Praise him when the older leaders meet together.

33 He changed rivers into a desert.
    He stopped springs from flowing.
34 He made the fertile land become salty,
    because the people living there did such evil things.
35 He changed the desert into a land with pools of water.
    He caused springs to flow from dry ground.
36 He led the hungry to that good land,
    and they built a city to live in.
37 They planted seeds in their fields and grapes in their vineyards,
    and they had a good harvest.
38 God blessed them with many children
    and plenty of animals.
39 But because of disaster and troubles,
    their families became small and weak.
40 God shames even great leaders
    and makes them wander through empty deserts.
41 But he rescues the poor from their misery.
    He makes their families large like flocks of sheep.
42 Good people see this and are happy.
    But the wicked see it and don’t know what to say.
43 Whoever is wise will remember these things
    and begin to understand the Lord’s faithful love.

A praise song of David.

108 God, I am ready, heart and soul,
    to sing songs of praise.
Wake up, my soul!
    Harps and lyres, wake up,
    and let’s wake the dawn!
Lord, I will praise you before all people.
    I will sing praises about you to every nation.
Your faithful love is higher
    than the highest clouds in the sky!
Rise above the heavens, God.
    Let all the world see your glory.
Use your great power and help us!
    Answer my prayer and save the people you love.

God has made this promise in his Temple[b]:
    “I will win the war and rejoice in victory!
I will divide this land among my people.
    I will give them Shechem.
    I will give them Succoth Valley.
Gilead and Manasseh will be mine.
    Ephraim will be my helmet.
    Judah will be my royal scepter.
Moab will be the bowl for washing my feet.
    Edom will be the slave who carries my sandals.
    I will defeat the Philistines and shout in victory!”

10-11 But, God, it seems that you have left us!
    You do not go out with our army.
So who will lead me into the strong, protected city?
    Who will lead me into battle against Edom?
12 Help us defeat the enemy!
    No one on earth can rescue us.
13 Only God can make us strong.
    Only God can defeat our enemies!

To the director: A praise song of David.

109 God, I praise you!
    Hear my prayer and do something!
Wicked people are telling lies about me.
    They are saying things that are not true.
They are saying hateful things about me.
    They are attacking me for no reason.
I loved them, but they were against me.
    So I said a prayer.
I did good things to them,
    but they are doing bad things to me.
I loved them,
    but they hated me.

They said, “Choose someone evil to represent him.
    Let the one at his side really be his accuser.
Let even his prayer be used as evidence against him,
    and let the court find him guilty.
Let his life be cut short,
    and let someone else take over his work.
Let his children become orphans and his wife a widow.
10 Make his children wander around as beggars,
    forced from homes that lie in ruins.
11 Let the people he owes take everything he owns.
    Let strangers get everything he worked for.
12 Let no one be kind to him.
    Let no one show mercy to his children.
13 May his family come to an end.
    May his name be unknown to future generations.
14 May the Lord remember the sins of his father,
    and may his mother’s sins never be erased.
15 May the Lord remember their sins forever,
    and may he cause people to forget his family completely.
16 He never did anything good.
    He never loved anyone.
    He made life hard for the poor and the helpless.
17 He loved to curse others,
    so let those bad things happen to him.
He never blessed others,
    so don’t let good things happen to him.
18 Cursing was a daily part of his life,
    like the clothes he wears.
Cursing others became a part of him,
    like the water he drinks and the oil he puts on his body.
19 So let curses cover him like the robe he wears
    and always surround him like a belt.”

20 My enemies said these evil things against me.
    But may those curses be the way the Lord punishes them.
21 My Lord God, treat me in a way that brings honor to your name.
    Save me because of your faithful love.
22 I am only a poor, helpless man.
    I am so sad; my heart is broken.
23 I feel my life is over, fading like a shadow at day’s end.
    I feel like a bug that someone brushed away.
24 My knees are weak from fasting.
    I have lost weight and become thin.
25 My enemies insult me.
    They look at me and shake their heads.
26 Lord my God, help me!
    Show your faithful love and save me!
27 Then they will know that you did it.
    They will know that it was your power, Lord, that helped me.
28 They curse me, but you can bless me.
    They attacked me, so defeat them.
    Then I, your servant, will be happy.
29 Humiliate my enemies!
    Let them wear their shame like a coat.
30 I give thanks to the Lord.
    I praise him in front of everyone.
31 He stands by the helpless
    and saves them from those who try to put them to death.


  1. Psalm 107:3 south Or “the Sea.” This might refer to all the coastal areas around the Mediterranean Sea.
  2. Psalm 108:7 in his Temple Or “in his holiness.”
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1 Corinthians 4

Apostles of Christ Jesus

You should think of us as servants of Christ, the ones God has trusted to do the work of making known his secret truths. Those who are trusted with such an important work must show that they are worthy of that trust. But I don’t consider your judgment on this point to be worth anything. Even an opinion from a court of law would mean nothing. I don’t even trust my own judgment. I don’t know of any wrong I have done, but that does not make me right. The Lord is the one who must decide if I have done well or not. So don’t judge anyone now. The time for judging will be when the Lord comes. He will shine light on everything that is now hidden in darkness. He will make known the secret purposes of our hearts. Then the praise each person should get will come from God.

Brothers and sisters, I have used Apollos and myself as examples for you. I did this so that you could learn from us the meaning of the words, “Follow what the Scriptures say.” Then you will not brag about one person and criticize another. Who do you think you are? Everything you have was given to you. So, if everything you have was given to you, why do you act as if you got it all by your own power?

You think you have everything you need. You think you are rich. You think you have become kings without us. I wish you really were kings. Then we could rule together with you. But it seems to me that God has given me and the other apostles the last place. We are like prisoners condemned to die, led in a parade for the whole world to see—not just people but angels too. 10 We are fools for Christ, but you think you are so wise in Christ. We are weak, but you think you are so strong. People give you honor, but they don’t honor us. 11 Even now we still don’t have enough to eat or drink, and we don’t have enough clothes. We often get beatings. We have no homes. 12 We work hard with our own hands to feed ourselves. When people insult us, we ask God to bless them. When people treat us badly, we accept it. 13 When people say bad things about us, we try to say something that will help them. But people still treat us like the world’s garbage—everyone’s trash.

14 I am not trying to make you feel ashamed, but I am writing this to counsel you as my own dear children. 15 You may have ten thousand teachers in Christ, but you don’t have many fathers. Through the Good News I became your father in Christ Jesus. 16 So I beg you to be like me. 17 That is why I am sending Timothy to you. He is my son in the Lord. I love him and trust him. He will help you remember the way I live in Christ Jesus—a way of life that I teach in every meeting of the church wherever I am.

18 Some of you are acting so proud, it seems as though you think I won’t be coming there again. 19 But I will come to you very soon, the Lord willing. Then I will see if these proud talkers have the power to do anything more than talk. 20 God’s kingdom is not seen in talk but in power. 21 Which do you want: that I come to you with punishment, or that I come with love and gentleness?

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