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Psalm 68-69 Romans 8:1-21 (Easy-to-Read Version)

Psalm 68-69

To the director: A praise song of David.

68 God, get up and scatter your enemies!
    May all your enemies run from you.
May your enemies be scattered
    like smoke blown away by the wind.
May your enemies be destroyed
    like wax melting in a fire.
But let good people be happy.
    Let them gather before God and enjoy themselves together.
Sing to God! Sing praises to his name!
    Prepare the way for the one who rides on the clouds.
His name is Yah.[a]
    Worship before him with joy.
God, who lives in his holy palace, is a father to orphans,
    and he takes care of widows.
God provides homes for those who are lonely.
    He frees people from prison and makes them happy.
    But those who turn against him will live in the desert.

God, you led your people out of Egypt.
    You marched across the desert. Selah
The ground shook and rain poured from the sky
    when God, the God of Israel, came to Sinai.
God, you sent the rain
    to make a tired, old land strong again.
10 Your people[b] came back to live there,
    and you provided good things for the poor.
11 My Lord gave the command,
    and many people went to tell the good news:
12 “The armies of powerful kings ran away!
    At home, the women divide the things brought from the battle.
13 Those who stayed home will share in the wealth—
    metal doves with wings covered in silver and feathers sparkling with gold.”

14 God All-Powerful scattered the kings
    like snow falling on Mount Zalmon.
15 Mount Bashan is a great mountain
    with many high peaks.
16 But, Bashan, why are you jealous of Mount Zion?
    That is where God has chosen to live.
    The Lord will live there forever.
17 With his millions of chariots,
    the Lord came from Sinai into the holy place.
18 You went up to your high place,
    leading a parade of captives.
You received gifts from people,[c]
    even those who turned against you.
    The Lord God went up there to live.
19 Praise the Lord!
    Every day he helps us with the loads we must carry.
    He is the God who saves us. Selah

20 He is our God, the God who saves us.
    My Lord God saves us from death.
21 God will smash the heads of his enemies.
    He will punish those who fight against him.[d]
22 My Lord said, “If they run up to Bashan or down to the depths of the sea,
    I will bring them back.
23 So you will march through pools of their blood,
    and there will be plenty left for your dogs.”

24 God, everyone can see your victory parade—
    the victory march of my God and King into his holy place![e]
25 Singers come marching in front, followed by the musicians;
    they are surrounded by young girls playing tambourines.
26 Praise God in the meeting place.[f]
    Praise the Lord, people of Israel!
27 There is the smallest tribe, Benjamin, leading them.
    And there comes a large group of leaders from Judah.
    Following them are the leaders of Zebulun and Naphtali.

28 God, show us your power!
    Show us the power you used for us in the past.
29 Kings will bring their wealth to you,
    to your Temple in Jerusalem.
30 Punish the people in Egypt.
    They are like cattle in the marshes, like bulls among the calves.
You humiliated them.
    You scattered them in war.
Now let them come crawling to you,
    bringing their pieces of silver.
31 Messengers from Egypt will come bearing gifts.
    Ethiopia will offer God their tribute.
32 Kings on earth, sing to God!
    Sing songs of praise to our Lord! Selah

33 Sing to him who rides his chariot through the ancient skies.
    Listen to his powerful voice!
34 Tell everyone how powerful he is!
    He rules over Israel.
    His power fills the skies.
35 God, you are awesome in your Temple!
    The God of Israel is the one who gives strength and power to his people.

Praise God!

To the director: To the tune “The Lilies.” A song of David.

69 God, save me from all my troubles!
    The rising water has reached my neck.
I have nothing to stand on.
    I am sinking down, down into the mud.
I am in deep water,
    and the waves are about to cover me.
I am getting weak from calling for help.
    My throat is sore.
I have waited and looked for your help
    until my eyes are hurting.
I have more enemies than the hairs on my head.
    They hate me for no reason.
    They try hard to destroy me.
My enemies tell lies about me.
    They say I stole from them
    and they demand that I pay for things I did not steal.
God, you know my faults.
    I cannot hide my sins from you.
My Lord God All-Powerful, don’t let me embarrass your followers.
    God of Israel, don’t let me bring disgrace to those who worship you.
My face is covered with shame.
    I carry this shame for you.
My own brothers treat me like a stranger.
    They act as if I came from a foreign land.
My strong devotion to your Temple is destroying me.
    Those who insult you are also insulting me.
10 When I spend time crying and fasting,
    they make fun of me.
11 When I wear sackcloth to show my sorrow,
    they tell jokes about me.
12 They talk about me in public places.
    The beer drinkers make up songs about me.
13 As for me, Lord, this is my prayer to you:
    Please accept me!
God, I want you to answer me with love.
    I know I can trust you to save me.
14 Pull me from the mud,
    and don’t let me sink down deeper.
Save me from those who hate me.
    Save me from this deep water.
15 Don’t let the waves drown me.
    Don’t let the deep sea swallow me
    or the grave close its mouth on me.
16 Answer me, Lord, from the goodness of your faithful love.
    Out of your great kindness turn to me and help me!
17 Don’t turn away from your servant.
    I am in trouble, so hurry and help me!
18 Come save my soul.
    Rescue me from my enemies.
19 You know the shame I have suffered.
    You know all my enemies.
    You saw how they humiliated me.
20 I feel the pain of their insults.
    The shame makes me feel like dying!
I wanted some sympathy,
    but there was none.
I waited for someone to comfort me,
    but no one came.
21 They gave me poison, not food.
    They gave me vinegar, not wine.
22 Their tables are covered with food.
    Let their fellowship meals destroy them.
23 Let them go blind and their backs become weak.
24 Show them how angry you are.
    Let them feel what your anger can do.
25 Make their homes empty.
    Don’t let anyone live there.
26 They try to hurt people you have already punished.
    They tell everyone about the suffering you gave them.
27 Punish them for the bad things they have done.
    Don’t show them how good you can be.
28 Erase their names from the book of life.
    Don’t let their names appear on the list of those who do what is right.
29 I am sad and hurting.
    God, lift me up and save me!
30 I will praise God’s name in song.
    I will honor him by giving him thanks.
31 The Lord will be happier with this
    than with the offering of an ox or a full-grown bull as a sacrifice.
32 Poor people, you came to worship God.
    You will be happy to know these things.
33 The Lord listens to poor, helpless people.
    He does not turn away from those who are in prison.
34 Praise him, heaven and earth!
    Sea and everything in it, praise him!
35 God will save Zion.
    He will rebuild the cities of Judah.
The people will settle there again and own the land.
36     The descendants of his servants will get that land.
    Those who love his name will live there.


  1. Psalm 68:4 Yah This is a Hebrew name for God. It is like the Hebrew name usually translated “Lord.” Also in verse 18.
  2. Psalm 68:10 people Or “animals” or “living things.”
  3. Psalm 68:18 received gifts from people Or “took people as gifts.” Or “gave gifts to people,” as in the ancient Syriac and Aramaic versions and in Eph. 4:8.
  4. Psalm 68:21 Literally, “God will smash the heads of his enemies. He will smash the hairy skull walking in guilt.”
  5. Psalm 68:24 of my God … holy place Or “led by my holy God and King!”
  6. Psalm 68:26 in the meeting place Or “with the trumpets that announce the assembly!”
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Romans 8:1-21

Life in the Spirit

So now anyone who is in Christ Jesus is not judged guilty. That is because in Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit that brings life made you[a] free. It made you free from the law that brings sin and death. The law was without power because it was made weak by our sinful selves. But God did what the law could not do: He sent his own Son to earth with the same human life that everyone else uses for sin. God sent him to be an offering to pay for sin. So God used a human life to destroy sin. He did this so that we could be right just as the law said we must be. Now we don’t live following our sinful selves. We live following the Spirit.

People who live following their sinful selves think only about what they want. But those who live following the Spirit are thinking about what the Spirit wants them to do. If your thinking is controlled by your sinful self, there is spiritual death. But if your thinking is controlled by the Spirit, there is life and peace. Why is this true? Because anyone whose thinking is controlled by their sinful self is against God. They refuse to obey God’s law. And really they are not able to obey it. Those who are ruled by their sinful selves cannot please God.

But you are not ruled by your sinful selves. You are ruled by the Spirit, if that Spirit of God really lives in you. But whoever does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to Christ. 10 Your body will always be dead because of sin. But if Christ is in you, then the Spirit gives you life, because Christ made you right with God. 11 God raised Jesus from death. And if God’s Spirit lives in you, he will also give life to your bodies that die. Yes, God is the one who raised Christ from death, and he will raise you to life through his Spirit living in you.

12 So, my brothers and sisters, we must not be ruled by our sinful selves. We must not live the way our sinful selves want. 13 If you use your lives to do what your sinful selves want, you will die spiritually. But if you use the Spirit’s help to stop doing the wrong things you do with your body, you will have true life.

14 The true children of God are those who let God’s Spirit lead them. 15 The Spirit that we received is not a spirit that makes us slaves again and causes us to fear. The Spirit that we have makes us God’s chosen children. And with that Spirit we cry out, “ Abba,[b] Father.” 16 And the Spirit himself speaks to our spirits and makes us sure that we are God’s children. 17 If we are God’s children, we will get the blessings God has for his people. He will give us all that he has given Christ. But we must suffer like Christ suffered. Then we will be able to share his glory.

We Will Have Glory in the Future

18 We have sufferings now, but these are nothing compared to the great glory that will be given to us. 19 Everything that God made is waiting with excitement for the time when he will show the world who his children are. The whole world wants very much for that to happen. 20 Everything God made was allowed to become like something that cannot fulfill its purpose. That was not its choice, but God made it happen with this hope in view: 21 That the creation would be made free from ruin—that everything God made would have the same freedom and glory that belong to God’s children.


  1. Romans 8:2 you Some Greek copies have “me.” Also in the next sentence.
  2. Romans 8:15 Abba An Aramaic word that was used by Jewish children as a name for their fathers.
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Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

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