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Do you not ou know oida that hoti the unrighteous adikos will klēronomeō not ou inherit klēronomeō the kingdom basileia of God theos? Do not be deceived planaō: neither oute the sexually pornos immoral , nor oute idolaters eidōlolatrēs, nor oute adulterers moichos, nor oute male malakos prostitutes , nor oute homosexuals arsenokoitēs, 10 nor oute thieves kleptēs, nor oute the greedy pleonektēs, nor ou drunkards methysos, nor ou slanderers loidoros, nor ou swindlers harpax will inherit klēronomeō the kingdom basileia of God theos.

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Therefore oun be ginomai imitators mimētēs of ho God theos as hōs his dear agapētos children teknon, and kai live peripateō in en love agapē, just as kathōs · kai · ho Christ Christos loved agapaō us hēmeis and kai gave paradidōmi himself heautou for hyper us hēmeis as eis a fragrant osmē offering prosphora and kai sacrifice thusia to ho God theos.

But de sexual immorality porneia and kai every kind of pas impurity akatharsia or ē covetousness pleonexia must not even mēde be mentioned onomazō among en you hymeis, as kathōs is proper prepō among the saints hagios; nor kai obscenity aischrotēs, · kai foolish talk mōrologia, or ē coarse joking eutrapelia, which hos are not ou fitting anēkō, but alla rather mallon thanksgiving eucharistia. For gar you may be sure of oida this houtos, that hoti no ou fornicator pornos or ē impure akathartos or ē covetous person pleonektēs ( such a one hos is eimi an idolater eidōlolatrēs) has echō any inheritance klēronomia in en the ho kingdom basileia of ho Christ Christos and kai of God theos. Let apataō no one mēdeis deceive apataō you hymeis with empty kenos words logos, for gar because of dia these things houtos the ho wrath orgē of ho God theos comes erchomai upon epi the ho sons hyios of ho disobedience apeitheia. Therefore oun do not become ginomai partners symmetochos with them autos;

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