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Therefore oun be ginomai imitators mimētēs of ho God theos as hōs his dear agapētos children teknon, and kai live peripateō in en love agapē, just as kathōs · kai · ho Christ Christos loved agapaō us hēmeis and kai gave paradidōmi himself heautou for hyper us hēmeis as eis a fragrant osmē offering prosphora and kai sacrifice thusia to ho God theos.

But de sexual immorality porneia and kai every kind of pas impurity akatharsia or ē covetousness pleonexia must not even mēde be mentioned onomazō among en you hymeis, as kathōs is proper prepō among the saints hagios; nor kai obscenity aischrotēs, · kai foolish talk mōrologia, or ē coarse joking eutrapelia, which hos are not ou fitting anēkō, but alla rather mallon thanksgiving eucharistia. For gar you may be sure of oida this houtos, that hoti no ou fornicator pornos or ē impure akathartos or ē covetous person pleonektēs ( such a one hos is eimi an idolater eidōlolatrēs) has echō any inheritance klēronomia in en the ho kingdom basileia of ho Christ Christos and kai of God theos. Let apataō no one mēdeis deceive apataō you hymeis with empty kenos words logos, for gar because of dia these things houtos the ho wrath orgē of ho God theos comes erchomai upon epi the ho sons hyios of ho disobedience apeitheia. Therefore oun do not become ginomai partners symmetochos with them autos; for gar once pote you were eimi darkness skotos, but de now nyn you are light phōs in en the Lord kyrios. Live peripateō as hōs children teknon of light phōs ( for gar the ho fruit karpos of ho light phōs consists in en all pas goodness agathōsynē, · kai righteousness dikaiosynē, and kai truth alētheia), 10 always trying to discern dokimazō what tis is eimi pleasing euarestos to the ho Lord kyrios. 11 And kai do not take part synkoinōneō in the ho fruitless akarpos deeds ergon · ho of ho darkness skotos but de instead mallon · kai expose elenchō them, 12 for gar it is eimi shameful aischros even kai to speak legō of what ho is done ginomai by hypo them autos in secret kryphē. 13 · ho But de everything pas that is exposed elenchō becomes illuminated phaneroō by hypo the ho light phōs, 14 for gar everything pas that ho becomes illuminated phaneroō is eimi light phōs. Therefore dio it says legō, “ Wake egeirō up , · ho sleeper katheudō, and kai rise anistēmi from ek the ho dead nekros, and kai Christ Christos will shine epiphauskō on you sy.” · ho

15 So oun be very akribōs careful blepō how pōs you live peripateō, not as hōs unwise asophos people but alla as hōs wise sophos, 16 making the most exagorazō of the ho time kairos, because hoti the ho days hēmera are eimi evil ponēros. 17 Therefore dia houtos do not be ginomai foolish aphrōn, but alla understand syniēmi what tis the ho will thelēma of the ho Lord kyrios is. 18 And kai do not get drunk methyskō with wine oinos, in en which hos is eimi debauchery asōtia; instead alla, be filled plēroō with en the Spirit pneuma, 19 speaking laleō to one another heautou in en psalms psalmos and kai hymns hymnos and kai songs ōdē inspired by the Spirit pneumatikos; singing adō and kai making melody psallō in ho your hymeis heart kardia to the ho Lord kyrios, 20 giving thanks eucharisteō in en the name onoma of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos to ho God theos the Father patēr at all times pantote and for hyper everything pas. · kai 21 Be subject hypotassō to one allēlōn another out en of reverence phobos for Christ Christos. 22 · ho Wives gynē, be subject to ho your idios husbands anēr as hōs to the ho Lord kyrios, 23 for hoti the husband anēr is eimi the head kephalē of the ho wife gynē as hōs Christ Christos also kai · ho is the head kephalē of the ho church ekklēsia, and is himself autos the savior sōtēr of the ho body sōma. 24 But alla as hōs the ho church ekklēsia is subject hypotassō to ho Christ Christos, so houtōs also kai should · ho wives gynē be subject to their ho husbands anēr in en everything pas. 25 · ho Husbands anēr, love agapaō your ho wives gynē, just as kathōs · kai · ho Christ Christos loved agapaō the ho church ekklēsia and kai gave himself heautou up paradidōmi for hyper her autos, 26 that hina he might sanctify hagiazō her autos, cleansing katharizō her by the ho washing loutron of ho water hydōr through en the word rhēma, 27 so that hina he autos might present paristēmi the ho church ekklēsia to himself heautou in splendor endoxos, not having echō spot spilos or ē wrinkle rhytis or ē any tis · ho such thing toioutos, but alla that hina she might be eimi holy hagios and kai without blemish. 28 In the same way houtōs husbands anēr also kai should opheilō · ho love agapaō · ho their heautou wives gynē as hōs · ho their own heautou bodies sōma. He ho who loves agapaō · ho his heautou wife gynē loves agapaō himself heautou, 29 for gar no one oudeis ever pote hates miseō · ho his own heautou body sarx but alla nourishes ektrephō and kai takes care of thalpō it autos, just as kathōs · kai · ho Christ Christos does the ho church ekklēsia, 30 since hoti we are eimi members melos of ho his autos body sōma. 31  For anti this reason houtos a man anthrōpos shall leave kataleipō his ho father patēr and kai his ho mother mētēr and kai be joined proskollaō to pros · ho his autos wife gynē, and kai the ho two dyo shall become eimi one heis flesh sarx.” 32 · ho This houtos mystery mystērion is eimi profound megas, but de I egō am speaking legō about eis Christ Christos and kai about eis the ho church ekklēsia. 33 Nevertheless plēn, · kai each hekastos one heis of kata you hymeis · ho is to love agapaō · ho his heautou wife gynē as hōs he loves himself heautou, and de the ho wife gynē is to respect phobeomai her ho husband anēr.

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