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When echō any tis of you hymeis has echō a legal pragma dispute against pros · ho another heteros, how dare he tolmaō go to law krinō before epi · ho heathen adikos judges and kai not ouchi before epi the ho saints hagios? Or ē do you not ou know oida that hoti the ho saints hagios will judge krinō the ho world kosmos? And kai if ei the ho world kosmos is to be judged krinō by en you hymeis, are you eimi incompetent anaxios to try kritērion minor cases elachistos? Do you not ou know oida that hoti we will judge krinō angels angelos, not mēti to mention everyday biōtikos affairs ? So oun if ean you have echō ordinary biōtikos cases kritērion, do you appoint kathizō as judges those houtos who ho have no standing exoutheneō in en the ho church ekklēsia? I say legō this to pros your hymeis shame entropē! Is there no one oudeis among en you hymeis wise sophos enough dynamai to settle diakrinō a dispute between ana mesos · ho his autos brothers adelphos, but alla brother adelphos goes to court krinō against meta brother adelphos, and kai that houtos before epi unbelievers apistos? Already ēdē it is eimi altogether holōs a defeat hēttēma for you hymeis, that hoti you have echō lawsuits krima with meta one heautou another . Why dia tis not ouchi rather mallon be wronged adikeō? Why dia tis not ouchi rather mallon be defrauded apostereō? But alla you yourselves hymeis wrong adikeō and kai defraud apostereō, and kai this houtos to your own brothers adelphos!

Do you not ou know oida that hoti the unrighteous adikos will klēronomeō not ou inherit klēronomeō the kingdom basileia of God theos? Do not be deceived planaō: neither oute the sexually pornos immoral , nor oute idolaters eidōlolatrēs, nor oute adulterers moichos, nor oute male malakos prostitutes , nor oute homosexuals arsenokoitēs, 10 nor oute thieves kleptēs, nor oute the greedy pleonektēs, nor ou drunkards methysos, nor ou slanderers loidoros, nor ou swindlers harpax will inherit klēronomeō the kingdom basileia of God theos. 11 And kai some tis of you were eimi guilty of these houtos abominations! But alla you were washed apolouō, you were sanctified hagiazō, you were justified dikaioō in en the ho name onoma of the ho Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and kai by en the ho Spirit pneuma of ho our hēmeis God theos.

12  All pas things are lawful for me egō,”— but alla not ou all pas things are helpful sympherō. “ All pas things are lawful for me egō”— but alla I egō will not ou be overpowered exousiazō by hypo anything tis. 13 · ho Food brōma is for the ho stomach koilia and kai the ho stomach koilia is for ho food brōma”— · ho and de God theos will destroy katargeō both kai the one houtos and kai the other houtos. But de the ho body sōma is not ou for ho sexual porneia immorality , but alla for the ho Lord kyrios, and kai the ho Lord kyrios for the ho body sōma; 14 · ho and de God theos both kai has raised egeirō the ho Lord kyrios and kai will raise us hēmeis up exegeirō by dia · ho his autos power dynamis. 15 Do you not ou know oida that hoti · ho your hymeis bodies sōma are eimi members melos of Christ Christos? Shall I then oun take airō the ho members melos of ho Christ Christos and make poieō them members melos of a prostitute pornē? Never mē ginomai! 16 Or ē do you not ou know oida that hoti he ho who joins kollaō himself to a ho prostitute pornē is eimi one heis body sōma with her? For gar it says phēmi, “ The ho two dyo will become eimi one heis flesh sarx.” 17 But de the ho one who joins kollaō himself to the ho Lord kyrios is eimi one heis spirit pneuma with him. 18 Flee pheugō · ho sexual porneia immorality ! Every pas other hos sin hamartēma a person anthrōpos commits poieō is eimi outside ektos the ho body sōma, but de the ho sexually porneuō immoral person sins hamartanō against eis · ho his idios own body sōma. 19 Or ē do you not ou know oida that hoti · ho your hymeis body sōma is eimi a temple naos of the ho Holy hagios Spirit pneuma who is in en you hymeis, whom hos you have echō received from apo God theos, and kai you are eimi not ou your heautou own ? 20 For gar you were bought agorazō with a price timē; therefore glorify doxazō · ho God theos with en · ho your hymeis body sōma.

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