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Fired Up

Sisters in Faith

Someone once said, if you have no passion, you have no purpose. If you have no purpose, then what’s the point? Now, you can certainly have poorly-guided passion. Hopefully, your passion is fueled by your purpose. Your purpose is what will get you out of bed in the morning. How passionate you are regarding your purpose will determine the kind of fuel (or effort) you put into it—high octane or just plain, old, regularly performing fuel. What I am trying to say, sister, is that not everyone is running on the same stuff. We can get excited or fired up about a lot of things—the car you drive, some of the things talked about at the hair salon, the person who catches your eye…you know what I mean. Just make sure what fires you up are the right things. Things, gossip, and people pale in comparison to getting fired up about the Lord. (2, p.137)

Excerpt from Raise Him Up: A Single Mother's Guide to Raising a Successful Black Man

© 2013 Derrick Moore & Stephanie Perry Moore

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