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Keeping A Good Name

Sisters in Faith

You and I were born and given a name. We are not responsible for the name we have, but we become responsible for what the name becomes. Our names represent us and tell everyone who we are. Mention a name, and I’m sure you have an impression of what kind of person possesses it. A name doesn’t tell the whole story, but it seems to give us an inkling about the person for whom it stands. What we do with our name and the messages we link to it are key as we go about our business of engaging others. We may be doing great damage to our names by the things we do each day. Some lie, steal, kill, and destroy; so their names get dragged through the mud. Or we may be doing great things and building names with which everyone wants to be associated. Some seek truth, are honest, work hard, and are heroes, so their names receive praise. It isn’t necessary to do something big in order to receive criticism or praise. However, we have to remember daily that we have a reputation to protect. (2, p.143)

Excerpt from Raise Him Up: A Single Mother's Guide to Raising a Successful Black Man

© 2013 Derrick Moore & Stephanie Perry Moore

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