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Biblical Preaching Expert Haddon Robinson Dies at 86

Haddon Robinson of Willow Valley, Pennsylvania, the respected author and seminary president who literally wrote the book on biblical expositional preaching, died July 22. He was 86. A memorial service to celebrate Dr. Robinson’s life is scheduled for September 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the chapel of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. […]

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Reading Scripture in Public This Christmas? Here’s Why It’s Important (And How to Do it Well)

Will you be reading part of the Bible out loud in a public setting this Christmas season—perhaps narrating the Christmas story at your church or a family gathering? Pastors and worship leaders around the world will, of course, be reading Scripture out loud at worship services throughout the holiday season, as they do all year. […]

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What Makes Jesus’ Parables Stand Out?

Although Jesus is certainly one of the most-quoted religious speakers in all of history, his recorded public addresses are strikingly different than the sermons and speeches we’re accustomed to hearing from religious leaders and teachers today. Jesus made heavy use of the parable as a teaching method. His parables are provocative, memorable, and occasionally mystifying. […]

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New Poll: Does Your Pastor Refer to the Original Greek or Hebrew During Sermons?

Does your pastor refer to the original Greek or Hebrew during their sermons?

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