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SBL Greek New Testament now available on Bible Gateway

We’re pleased to announce a major new addition to our library of online Bibles: the SBL Greek New Testament!

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The Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana De Hoy is now on Bible Gateway!

We’re happy to announce that the Nueva Biblia Latinoamericana De Hoy (NBLH) is available on Bible Gateway! The NBLH is a contemporary Spanish translation of the Bible published by The Lockman Foundation; it uses the less formal form of Spanish and incorporates many features to make the Bible text as clear as possible without sacrificing […]

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Nueva Traducción Viviente Bible now available on Bible Gateway

We’re excited to announce a major new addition to Bible Gateway’s library of online Bibles: the Nueva Traducción Viviente (NTV)!

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The New American Bible gets an update

Earlier this year, we reflected on the ever-changing nature of language, and the challenge this poses to Bible translators. Over the years, words fall out of use or assume different meanings, making even the most solid Bible translations more difficult to read. In the news today is the New American Bible, which is getting a […]

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Chinese Contemporary Version to reach nearly one billion Mandarin speakers

Nearly one billion Mandarin language speakers now have a modern translation of the Bible! The Chinese Contemporary Bible (CCB) translation, completed in late 2010, is available online in PDF at!

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Common English Bible added to our online library of Bibles!

We’re thrilled to announce that the Common English Bible (New Testament) has been added to’s library of online Bibles! The Common English Bible is more than a revision or update of an existing translation. It’s an ambitious new translation designed to read smoothly and naturally without compromising the accuracy of the Bible text. As […]

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GOD’S WORD Translation (GW) added to Bible Gateway’s online library

We’re pleased to announce the addition of the GOD’S WORD Translation (GW) to Bible Gateway’s library of online Bibles!

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Three new Bible versions now available

The Bible Gateway team has been busy this week—we’ve added three new Bible versions to our library: the Uspanteco, West Central Quiché, and Mam of Todos Santos Cuchumatán Bibles.

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Kekchi New Testament now online

We’ve got another new Bible version to announce: the Kekchi New Testament. Read on for information about this new Bible version and to learn about the great Gospel work taking place in the Kekchi language and culture.

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Jacalteco Oriental New Testament now online

Another day, another new Bible version available on the Bible Gateway! Our newest Bible version is the Jacalteco Oriental (Eastern) New Testament.

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