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Blog / What you’ve been saying about the new Bible Gateway

What you’ve been saying about the new Bible Gateway

It’s been just a few days since the New Bible Gateway went live. We’re happy to report that the response has been wonderful! It’s a pleasure to finally be able to show off what we’ve been diligently working on these past months. We also want to point out which features people are liking and make sure you know how to use them too!

@phil_creighton tweeted about the parallel translation feature:

Fantastic site revamp. The parallel translations will be an invaluable tool for me. Thank you!

C.M. wrote about it—and some of the other page options—on the Bible Gateway page on Facebook:

I just love the new BibleGateway! The parallel version option is so good, red letter option etc. I can’t wait to really dig in! Thank you for making this new site more study intensive. It’s very inspiring.

Our development team worked hard to integrate parallel Bible reading into Bible passage pages. This blog post gives step by step instructions on how to read more than one Bible in parallel.

@JanMorton tweeted about a subtle but helpful change: the alphabetization of our version list:

The new site is wonderful! I especially love the alphabetical list of the versions. Thank you & God Bless you mightily!

As we added more and more translations over the years, the version list had gotten a bit cluttered. Alphabetization makes it much easier to find the correct version quickly.

Stacey wrote on the Bible Gateway Facebook page about how helpful the printer-friendly pages have been for her:

I love bible gateway and am blind. I love the new printer friendly page. It works nicely with my speech software.

Our printer-friendly and mobile-friendly pages have been around for a while, but both have undergone updates on the new Bible Gateway. To get to them, click on the little printer and mobile icons, both located in the top right of any page on Bible Gateway.

Again, we sincerely appreciate all of the friendly emails, tweets and Facebook comments you’ve been sending our way! Please feel free to contact us if you notice anything awry or would just like to say thanks.

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