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Blog / New Bible Addresses Men’s 3 Problem Areas: An Interview with Brian Doyle

New Bible Addresses Men’s 3 Problem Areas: An Interview with Brian Doyle

Brian DoyleRecent studies indicate men statistically fall below the national averages of both Bible ownership and readership. The National Coalition Of Ministries to Men (@ncmm_org) wants to demonstrate the relevance of the Bible to a man’s life through its publishing partnership with American Bible Society, hoping men will increase their engagement with the Bible and experience its life-changing message.

Bible Gateway interviewed Brian Doyle (@ironshrpnsiron) about The Men’s Bible (American Bible Society, 2014).

What is NCMM and its objectives?

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Brian Doyle: The National Coalition Of Ministries to Men is a collaborative organization of Christ centered ministries that are specifically focused on reaching and equipping men and serving churches toward that end.

What are trends among Christian men, good or bad, that NCMM has observed?

Brian Doyle: That’s a good question and I’ll give you a little of both:

  • A good trend is that Christian men are more engaged in their priority relationships within their family than ever before. The quantity and quality of time men invest with their wives, children, and grandchildren continues to increase.
  • A bad trend is that this investment of time rarely includes any type of spiritual leadership in the home. Men continue to depend on the local church for this and the church does little to build into men. One significant reason for this is that men are not reading the Bible and don’t feel equipped to be the spiritual leader of anyone.

Why did NCMM feel it needed to publish its own edition of the Bible?

Brian Doyle: American Bible Society is the publisher of The Men’s Bible (website) (@themensbible). The additions that members of the NCMM made to create The Men’s Bible are contributions and devotions that are specific to men. We want the average man to know that the Bible is written to him and has extremely relevant content for him in his unique season of life.

Explain the Good News Translation (GNT) that this Bible uses.

Brian Doyle: The Good News Translation is a clear and simple modern translation that’s faithful to the original texts, and is known as a “common language” translation. It’s straight-forward and easy to understand, and was the natural choice for The Men’s Bible.

What are the 3 problem areas for men that the notes in this Bible address and how did you arrive at those particular three?

Brian Doyle: We developed a ‘challenge’ section that includes 3 areas that men consistently communicate that they struggle with on an ongoing basis. These areas are:

  • Friendships. Men have friends in the years as a student and when they are single but it is rare for a man above the age of 30 to have someone he would call a ‘best friend’. The implication is that men have acquaintances but not real friends.
  • Marriage. There is very little mentoring and training for men to learn to ‘love their wife as Christ loves the church’. The command is clear but women are different and complex.
  • Pornography. God has created men to be visual and to desire sex but the mix of technology and a highly charged sexualized culture has created a dangerous environment.

How is the Bible formatted and meant to be read?

Brian Doyle: The Men’s Bible is formatted in the same way as most any Bible, but the glossary of devotions allows a man to quickly open the Bible and find something he can read and meditate on immediately that relates to him personally.

The Men’s Bible is divided into 3 sections: The Tool Kit, The Battle, and The Challenge. The Tool Kit serves as a concordance, providing Scripture references for topical study. The Battle contains 60 devotionals, written by NCMM men’s ministry experts, focusing on Christian purpose, priorities, and living. The Challenge provides additional devotional content focusing on marriage, pornography, and friendship.

What does NCMM hope will be achieved with this Bible?

Brian Doyle: We hope men will get their hands on this Bible and see very quickly that Almighty God has a lot to say in His Word that’s directly to men. We know this will help create a hunger for God and deepen a man’s faith.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

Brian Doyle: We’re so honored to partner with American Bible Society on this important project. American Bible Society exists to make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message. This includes men!

Bio: Brian Doyle, NCMM Board of Directors Vice President, Director of Men’s Bible Project, Founder of Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Ministries

DEVOTION EXCERPT from The Men’s Bible:


PRAY: Father, you are the designer and creator of life and all that is good! Guide me now as I read and reflect upon your written Word to be more tully gripped by who I really am as you define me, explain me and identity me. Build me into the man who knows what it means to be a man, the man you intended tor me to be. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

READ: Genesis 1:26-31

Key Verse: Then God said, “And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us. They will have power over the fish, the birds, and all animals, domestic and wild, large and small.” (Genesis 1:26)

As the introductory book of the Bible, Genesis thankfully answers life’s biggest questions with which all men wrestle: Who Am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Does life have any meaning? We learn in these verses that God created people to be like and to resemble him, to be in his image. We are not God but are like God in some ways. Throughout the Bible, we see that God thinks, feels and acts, the core elements of personhood. People also think, feel and act, and in this way we are like God. Adam was created with original righteousness and placed in Eden as a leader/worker and guard, and so in the totality of his person, he could relate to God. Who are we as men? We are special creations of a sovereign God; at our core we are his sons. Why are we here? To be in a relationship with God who is intensely relational, who is intent on being our Father. Where are we going? On a great adventure to know our Creator and to spread his glory and fame in the world as leaders, workers, providers, warriors and lovers. Does life have any meaning? For the man who walks with his God and enjoys him, it absolutely does!


  • What does it mean to resemble God?
  • Do you define yourself as a son, leader, warrior and lover? What other identities define and drive you?


  • What three words would God use to describe you?
  • Write them down, keep them in your Bible and review them in one month.

PRAY: Holy God, thank you that I can call you Father, Abba! Thank you that because of Jesus I am
your son forever loved, forgiven and tree from guilt and shame. Thank you that my high status with
you will never change. Help me to be productive, fruitful and faithful in my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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