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Blog / Francis Chan’s Crazy Love Coming Soon to Bible Gateway!

Francis Chan’s Crazy Love Coming Soon to Bible Gateway!

Francis Chan’s Crazy Love is coming to Bible Gateway!

Crazy Love raced to the top of bestseller lists upon its publication, propelled by a simple but explosive premise: the God of the universe is crazy about you. If that sounds… well, crazy, you’re right. But it’s a promise that has the power to sustain you through life’s great struggles and sacrifices, just as it sustained author Francis Chan. Drawing on his own experiences, Chan challenges us to define our lives with selfless, Christ-like love.

Crazy Love is a favorite of many of us at Bible Gateway, and so we’re thrilled to make it available as a unique email devotional beginning in January 2013. Sign up for Crazy Love: Reflections on a Relentless God with Francis Chan, and each week you’ll receive an essay drawn straight from the book, complete with reflection questions to help you think through the material. It works equally well as a personal devotional or as the basis for a small group discussion.

Alongside this new Crazy Love email devotional, we’re launching a companion email devotional called Relentless God: Images of God’s Relentless Pursuit of You. It’s a weekly inspirational image, verse, or insight to remind you of God’s presence in your life, and it works well alongside the Crazy Love devotional.

Both of these devotionals begin in early January. As usual, you can sign up at our newsletter sign-up page—and while you’re at it, take the opportunity to look at some of our other new email devotionals and resources. We’re grateful to publisher David C. Cook for making these two resources available to Bible Gateway visitors, and we hope you come to appreciate them as much as we do!

Note: No familiarity with the book Crazy Love is necessary to enjoy these two devotionals, but if you want to follow along in the print book (which contains plenty of additional material), you can pick up a copy at the Bible Gateway store.

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