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Blog / The 30-Day Devotional Challenge Wrap-up

The 30-Day Devotional Challenge Wrap-up

Last month, we challenged Bible Gateway visitors to spend one month reading a passage of Scripture each day through the One Day at a Time devotional. To everyone who gave it a try, congratulations! We hope that having seen the value of daily Scripture engagement, you’re making Bible reading a part of your daily routine.

If you enjoyed the One Day at a Time readings, you can find many more of them in the NIV Once-a-Day Bible, from which the email devotional was drawn. If you liked the daily email format of One Day at a Time, you might find one of these Bible Gateway email resources to be a good next step:

  • A year-long Bible reading plan, if you want to make Bible reading a serious part of your day. Although our Bible reading plans started on January 1, there’s no penalty for joining in mid-way through. We have one plan that reads through the New Testament in a year (a good choice if you want a lighter daily reading), and two that combine Old and New Testament readings each day.
  • A Verse of the Day email, if you’re looking for a short piece of Biblical inspiration each morning.
  • If you want to combine your daily Bible reading with a short essay or set of reflection questions, we have devotionals covering a wide range of topics and audiences.

If you liked the limited-timespan of the One Day at a Time devotional, you might find the 40-Day Journey with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, currently underway, to be an equally focused devotional experience.

Our reading plans and most of our devotionals are available to read on the Bible Gateway site, if you want to read samples of the content, or if you prefer reading them on the web.

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