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Blog / God’s Word… For Your Life: A New Devotional to Help You Apply Scripture to Your Life

God’s Word… For Your Life: A New Devotional to Help You Apply Scripture to Your Life

What does it mean to apply God’s Word to your life?

First and foremost, of course, it means reading the Bible regularly. But it also means reflecting on what you’ve read—carefully considering spiritual insights that were written thousands of years ago, yet hold meaning for your life today.

Neither of those steps is as easy as it sounds. As we’ve discussed here on the blog, developing a regular Scripture reading habit is a challenge in our stress-filled, hectic lives; and even if you do read the Bible regularly, some Scripture passages are more difficult than others to understand and apply to everyday life.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new email devotional that’s specially crafted to help you engage God’s Word at a thoughtful, reflective pace: God’s Word… For My Life.

God’s Word… For My Life is a daily devotional that draws on the Chronological Life Application Study Bible from Tyndale. Each daily devotional presents a short Scripture reading followed by thoughts on what the Bible passage means for you today—and an idea for how you can practically respond to what you’ve read.

God’s Word… For My Life walks through the entirety of Scripture in chronological order, presenting Bible stories in the order in which they historically occurred. Over the course of two years, you’ll read through God’s complete story for your life. Most of our Bible reading plans take place across a single year, but taking two years allows for short, more accessible daily readings. The point isn’t to race through the Bible; it’s to take time to carefully consider each piece of God’s Word as you read it.

We think God’s Word… For My Life is an excellent devotional that will help you get into the healthy habit of reading and reflecting on Scripture each day. You can sign up anytime (like our other email devotionals, it’s free)—no matter when you sign up, you’ll start at the beginning of the devotional, so you don’t need to worry about signing up “late” or joining the devotional partway through.

We’re grateful to our friends at Tyndale for making this new devotional available to Bible Gateway visitors. God’s Word… For My Life brings something new and inventive to our library of email devotionals and Bible reading plans. Sign up today!

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