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Blog / New Poll: Where Are You Going to School This Fall?

New Poll: Where Are You Going to School This Fall?

Last week’s poll asked whether or not you participate in a group Bible study. The results are in and speak for themselves:

Do you participate in a group Bible study?

Yes: 76% (839 Votes)
No: 24% (264 Votes)

I’m not surprised to learn that many Bible Gateway visitors are involved in a group study, but to see that over three-quarters of you are meeting with other Christians to explore God’s Word is inspiring. While personal Bible reading is important, there has always been a strong social component to Bible study. In Matthew 18, Jesus famously promises that “where two or three are gathered in my name, I’m there with them” (CEB), and other passages indicate that worship and instruction in the faith were communal activities in the early church.

If you’re not involved in a Bible study with other Christians, consider talking to your pastor or other church leaders to see what group studies are available (and if there are none, start one of your own!). Insights from other believers can often shed light on Bible passages you find difficult to understand. However you choose to study the Bible, you might also find some of Bible Gateway’s free resources, such as our library of commentaries, topical dictionaries, and Bible reading plans, helpful.

Our poll this week is about that most dreaded time of the year: back-to-school season. Many of you are heading back to school in the next few weeks. Where are you headed with your lunch pail and backpack full of textbooks?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

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