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Blog / New Poll: Do You Participate in a Group Bible Study?

New Poll: Do You Participate in a Group Bible Study?

Last week’s poll asked you about your views on the topic of hell. It was our most popular poll to date—and one response overwhelmingly beat out the others. Here’s the breakdown of responses to the question “Which of these perspectives best describes your understanding of hell, as it’s described in the Bible?”

Hell is a literal place of eternal suffering: 86% (2616 votes)
Hell is a literal place, but isn’t eternal: 5% (162 Votes)
Hell is a metaphor: 3% (99 Votes)
I’m not sure: 3% (91 Votes)
Other: 3% (87 Votes)

The vast majority of poll respondants hold to the traditional view of hell as a place of everlasting punishment, a perspective that, while encompassing a range of different ideas about the specific details of hell, has been dominant in orthodox Christianity throughout the history of the church. If you’re interested in seeing the Biblical rationale behind this or any of the other Christian perspectives on hell, I recommend Four Views on Hell, which I read myself while preparing the poll—it allows a proponent of each of the most common interpretations of hell to lay out the case for their view so you can judge for yourself which represents the most Biblical understanding.

Having grilled you about a controversial point of theology, we’ve got an easier question for this week’s poll. Do you participate in a group Bible study? Online, at church, in your neighborhood… let us know if you’re involved in an organized Bible study of any sort with other people.

Do you participate in a group Bible study?

  • Yes (76%, 882 Votes)
  • No (24%, 279 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,161

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