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Blog / New poll: how many different Bible versions do you read regularly?

New poll: how many different Bible versions do you read regularly?

Time for a new poll! This week, we’re interested in your Bible reading habits.

How many different Bible versions do you regularly read?

  • 3-4 (38%, 934 Votes)
  • 2 (32%, 789 Votes)
  • Just one! (22%, 545 Votes)
  • 5 or more (!) (8%, 194 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,462

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Last week’s poll asked “Which Gospel would you recommend starting with to someone new to the Bible?”, and the results are not what I expected. Of the approximately 1,110 responses, the vast majority recommended the Gospel of John to new Bible readers. Here’s the breakdown:

John: 63% (633 votes)
Matthew: 19% (206 Votes)
Mark: 9% (100 Votes)
Luke: 9% (99 Votes)

I expected that the Gospel of Mark would be a more popular response, simply because it’s the shortest and most straightforward of the four Gospels. However, there are some good reasons to recommend the Gospel of John: it contains more unique accounts than the other three Gospels, yet it isn’t as lengthy as Matthew or Luke. And some readers find the writing style used in John to be especially lyrical and engaging.

Of course, all four Gospels have something unique and important to offer, so whichever one you start with, you’ll want to read all four to get the complete Biblical picture of Christ’s ministry and message.

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