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Blog / Bible Gateway stories: using the BG to enhance ministry

Bible Gateway stories: using the BG to enhance ministry

Here’s a final round of stories we received during the Bible Gateway story giveaway. We went through the stories and picked out a few that show how the BG is being used to support the work of ministry and evangelism:

Using Bible Gateway has totally enhanced how my church does Bible Study. We are set up for wi-fi so members in our congregation will bring their laptops. As we study God’s word we use Bible Gateway because the ability to access many translations is so accessible through this website. We live in a technologically enhanced society and through Bible Gateway we have been able to bring computers into the church in a way that it doesn’t hinder but enhances our time of studying God’s word. — Jeanne

Bible Gateway is a wonderful resource because I can copy verses quickly and easily for use in this venue. I am often in conversations via the internet when I just look up a keyword or passage to use in the conversation. I have been sharing my faith with people in Dallas and Israel, in Tennessee and South Africa. Who would have thought that someone who is “just a wife and mom” in the eyes of the world could have effects for the Kingdom in the lives of her children, her neighbors, her community, and her world? — Jenny

I am a missionary in a “sensitive area” (where the work or my life could be compromised). I am the only American who has stayed and lived in this area for the last 9 years. Bringing in many reference books into the area draws attention, so having access to your study materials has been invaluable! I and a native colleague have used Biblegateway to translate the first written/printed materials into a local language — the plan of Salvation and basic materials on living the faith. As a result, we have evangelized and planted a church among Muslims! — a missionary

For a number of years we have been hosting Chinese university students for a week or more over Christmas when their dorms are closed. This has led to some great friendships and really interesting opportunities to share God’s Word. We are SO grateful for Bible Gateway and the many languages available that we don’t speak but God does! Less than 6 months ago, my husband was having a chat on MSN with one of our students, sharing the Gospel with him in his heart language by copying and pasting the Chinese script. “Kevin” put his faith in Jesus that night and Stuart had the privilege of baptizing him a few weeks later! — Mary

Thanks again to all who sent us your stories–we read all of them and appreciate the time you’ve taken to share with us!

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