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Blog / Bible Gateway stories: the “everyday ministry” edition

Bible Gateway stories: the “everyday ministry” edition

If we learned one thing from the Bible Gateway stories you sent in, it’s that each Bible Gateway user is using the BG in a unique and personal way. Some of your stories were inspiring stories of evangelism and outreach. But a lot of them testified to the crucial, but much less flashy, ways that you use the BG in your everyday life and faith.

Here’s one story, sent in by Pam, that illustrates this:

I could tell you a wonderful story, of how I have used BibleGateway to reach others. And I would not be telling you the truth. The truth is, BibleGateway has been a haven to which I have been able to run to. This may sound selfish, but I am going through the worst depression I have ever faced in my life. I have had Multiple Sclerosis for almost 14 years. This morning, again, I had a melt down. I keep turning back to Him, and I know He is carrying me. After asking my 6 year old for forgiveness, and asking Him for forgiveness, I wanted to listen to the 23rd Psalm. And I knew the best and only place I could listen to it, with my eyes closed in meditation, was BibleGateway.

Read on for more stories about how the Bible Gateway is being used in your everyday lives:

I play an online game with a group of Christians; we have a Bible study once a week using Teamspeak (a voice-chat program), since we’re from different parts of the globe. I love using Bible Gateway during the study. It’s great to be able to search for passages in case I can’t remember the reference or even the book! I also love the way I can instantly pull up different versions of the same passage and compare them, many times shedding additional light on what we’re studying. –Tyler

I am an American living and working in Japan. I teach English to Japanese children. Not one of them has ever even heard of Jesus. Nor have their parents. I am living in a community of kind hearted people who are about as far removed from Christianity as can be. Sometimes, I feel like I live in a desert, with no Christian fellowship available and no unsaved folk interested in hearing the good news about Christ. Biblegateway is my link to the real world of Christianity and Christ’s love. Through Biblegateway I can immerse myself in the Word of God and learn to live my life according to the Bible. For example, 1 Corinthians 9-11 has sustained me through many years here. –Tim

I use Bible Gateway when I’m at work and have a few minutes of breathing time, or if I become extremely frustrated and need the word to ground me or to just bring me a piece of mind, or if I’m at home and want a different or more comprehensible translation to the one my current Bible offers. I use bits of scripture as my instant messenger custom message, so that anyone who has me added to their list will see the word of God just beneath my screen name.. I don’t consider my story to be special, but this is how I make use of Bible gateway. –Kerry-Anne

Thanks for your stories, Pam, Tyler, Tim, and Kerry-Anne! We’ll share more stories next week!

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