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Your stories on Youtube!

Some of the people who send us their Bible Gateway stories did so in the form of Youtube videos. We loved ’em, so we’re sharing some of them here on the blog. (Please note: these videos are hosted on Youtube. Youtube has its share of questionable content, so please exercise discretion in visiting.)

First up is a story by Luke, who put together a very slick video showing how he and his fellow Bible school students use the Bible Gateway in their studies. Here’s Luke’s video.

On a lighter note, several of you sent in some pretty amusing videos. Here are two that made us laugh.

The first is from Bible Gateway user Mike:

We’re glad your daughter likes the Bible Gateway so much, but we have to be honest: we think there might have been some mild form of coercion prompting involved in her testimony.

And user Johnny used his cellphone camera to record just an average moment in his rather melodramatic-sounding life:

Thanks to everyone who sent in videos! We laughed, we cried, we gave thanks for all the creative Bible Gateway users out there.

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