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Hand Copying Scripture Practice Tips

  • Choose a specific notebook that will be dedicated to your hand copying.
  • Many people like to have a special pen used only for their hand copying.
  • Find a quiet place that allows you to focus on what you’re writing.
  • Identify a passage or a book of the Bible that you would like to interact with or spend time memorizing.
  • Start small, with just a few verses, so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Once you have the hang of it, try writing out a whole book of the Bible instead of isolated sections, especially of narrative-style books. This will help you view the book as a whole, understanding its complete message in context. Don’t try writing out the whole book in one sitting.  Just do a few verses at a time and continue with the process for as many days as it takes.
  • Quiet your thoughts by praying for the Holy Spirit to help you focus and reveal his truth to you in the passage.
  • Begin writing slowly, focusing on each word and what it means in the immediate and broader contexts.
  • Take your time as you write. The goal is not to finish writing out the passage but to spend time in God’s Word and spend time with God. Savor the process of looking closely at every word.
  • Along with your hand copying, consider keeping notes about what you’re learning, prayer requests, and/or questions you might have.

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