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Dramatizing Scripture Resources


The Importance of Christian Drama as Ministry – by Lola Arigbabu
Arigbabu explains the importance of dramatizing Scripture from a biblical perspective.

Scripture Drama – InterVarsity interview with Nina Thiel
Thiel states that the church is as ready today as it ever has been to experience the accounts in Scripture as well-told and well-performed stories. Thiel believes that Scripture’s deep truth is often best engaged by both audience and performer when presented dramatically.

DramaShare is the world’s largest resource center for churches in need of resources for their drama ministries. The website contains an explanation of what dramatizing Scripture is and provides a variety of scripts that drama ministries anywhere can use.

The Skit Guys
The Skit Guys are dedicated to sharing the gospel through original skits and dramatizations of Scripture. Their website offers DVDs, books, scripts, etc.—all to provide examples and teaching resources. They also have short videos that are moving (and sometimes funny) examples of their content.

How to … Prepare Drama Productions for Your Church - by Ron Vanden Burg
This post is a concise step-by-step plan for creating a drama ministry.

Taking the Drama out of Drama or How to Start Your own Drama Group – by Michael Humphrey
Humphrey gives simple tips and cautions for putting on dramatic productions of Scripture. He writes with more of a slant for youth ministries, but the tips apply across all ages.

SourceView Bible App
SourceView uses four-color text formatting of the Bible to help understand who is speaking in a passage. The color-coded passages can serve as a ready-to-go script for four volunteer readers.

Human Slide Show of Scripture – by Colleen Scheid
Scheid shares a simple technique of dramatizing Scripture that non-theater people can use to bring Scriptures alive in a worship setting.

Reader’s Theater for Three Voices
This script is a compilation of verses from Matthew, Luke, John, and Revelation—all pertaining to the birth of Christ. The concept used here could easily be translated to other parts of Scripture by creating similar reader’s theater–style scripts that incorporate passages throughout the Bible focusing on a specific topic, person, or event.

Sermon on the Mount: Proclaiming Scripture Through Drama
This website contains a video of the entire Sermon on the Mount presented as a drama.


Drama Ministry: A Guidebook by Nancy Backues, Kerry Beaman, and Wendy Briggs
This book is helpful for starting, directing, and managing a drama ministry. Guidance is given to leaders of drama ministries for how to lead a team well, how to run rehearsals, and how to hold team members accountable.

Drama in the Church: Tips for Effective Drama Ministry by Morgan Avery McCoy
This book is an introduction to the relevance of drama ministry in the church and how to sustain a drama ministry.

Drama Ministry: Practical Help for Making Drama a Vital Part of Your Church by Steve Pederson
While focused on megachurch drama ministry at an almost professional level, pastors and small group leaders from modestly sized church communities can also gain helpful information from Pederson’s book. Though this book does not contain material directly pertaining to dramatizing Scripture, it is an excellent resource for those hoping to better prepare for a dramatic presentation of Scripture.

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