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Dan 9:4–19

9:4–19 Daniel’s prayer is rooted in a covenantal understanding of the Lord’s relation to His people (blessing for obedience, cursing for disobedience, especially vv. 5, 7, 11, 12, 14; cf. Lev. 26:14–45; Deut. 28:15–68; 30:1–5). For a similar prayer, see Neh. 9. The prayer has four parts: (a) worship (v. 4); (b) a confession of sin (vv. 5–11); (c) recognition of the justice of God in His judgment on sin (vv. 11–14); and (d) a plea for God’s mercy based on concern for His name, kingdom, and will (vv. 15–19). The prayer is grounded on God’s promises (v. 2) and offered in a spirit of contrition and humility (v. 3). It is a model for the appropriate elements of effective prayer.