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2 Sam 23:8–39

23:8–39 The presentation of David’s “mighty men” in these verses forms a counterpart to the much shorter description of Davidic champions in 21:15–22. According to v. 39, the warriors listed should total thirty-seven. They are presented in two sets of three (vv. 8–12 and 13–17), plus Abishai (vv. 18, 19), Benaiah (vv. 20–23), and the thirty-one listed in vv. 24–39. However, the “three” of vv. 13–17 are apparently to be counted among “the thirty” (v. 13; v. 24 note) and not separately. Thus, this list would contain thirty-six mighty men, and Joab would make thirty-seven. A similar list is given in 1 Chr. 11:10–47 with more than fifteen additional names and no summary total.