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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Kgs 11:17
2 Kgs 11:17

11:17 a covenant. Jehoiada leads the people and Joash in renewing their allegiance to the Mosaic covenant. Other covenant renewals had taken place in Israel’s past (Deut. 29:1; Josh. 8:30–35; 24:1–28). Chronicles mentions a number of covenant renewals during the course of the monarchy (2 Chr. 15:12; 23:16; 29:10; 34:31). Considering the influx of Baal worship in Judah’s recent past, it was appropriate for all parties to make a new beginning by rededicating themselves to the Lord.

between the king and the people. See 2 Chr. 23:3. Such an agreement would delineate the responsibilities of both parties within the larger context of the Mosaic covenant (Deut. 17:14–20; 2 Sam. 5:3).