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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 2
Chapter 2

In this chapter, I. Christ speaks both concerning himself and concerning his church, Song 2:1, 2. II. The church speaks, 1. Remembering the pleasure and satisfaction she has in communion with Christ, Song 2:3, 4. 2. Entertaining herself with the present tokens of his favour and taking care that nothing happen to intercept them, Song 2:5-7. 3. Triumphing in his approaches towards her, Song 2:8, 9. 4. Repeating the gracious calls he had given her to go along with him a walking, invited by the pleasures of the returning spring (Song 2:10-13), out of her obscurity (Song 2:14), and the charge he had given to the servants to destroy that which would be hurtful to his vineyard, Song 2:15. 5. Rejoicing in her interest in him, Song 2:16. 6. Longing for his arrival, Song 2:17. Those whose hearts are filled with love to Christ, and hope of heaven, know best what these things mean.