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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 18
Chapter 18

This psalm we met with before, in the history of David’s life, 2 Sam. 22:1-51 That was the first edition of it; here we have it revived, altered a little, and fitted for the service of the church. It is David’s thanksgiving for the many deliverances God had wrought for him; these he desired always to preserve fresh in his own memory and to diffuse and entail the knowledge of them. It is an admirable composition. The poetry is very fine, the images are bold, the expressions lofty, and every word is proper and significant; but the piety far exceeds the poetry. Holy faith, and love, and joy, and praise, and hope, are here lively, active, and upon the wing. I. He triumphs in God, Ps. 18:1-3. II. He magnifies the deliverances God had wrought for him, Ps. 18:4-19. III. He takes the comfort of his integrity, which God had thereby cleared up, Ps. 18:20-28. IV. He gives to God the glory of all his achievements, Ps. 18:29-42. V. He encourages himself with the expectation of what God would further do for him and his, Ps. 18:43-50.