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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 11
Chapter 11

In this chapter, I. God by the prophet puts the people in mind of the covenant he had made with their fathers, and how much he had insisted upon it, as the condition of the covenant, that they should be obedient to him, Jer. 11:1-7. II. He charges it upon them that they, in succession to their fathers, and in confederacy among themselves, had obstinately refused to obey him, Jer. 11:8-10. III. He threatens to punish them with utter ruin for their disobedience, especially for their idolatry (Jer. 11:11, 13), and tells them that their idols should not save them (Jer. 11:12), that their prophets should not pray for them (Jer. 11:14); he also justifies his proceedings herein, they having brought all this mischief upon themselves by their own folly and wilfulness, Jer. 11:15-17. IV. Here is an account of a conspiracy formed against Jeremiah by his fellow-citizens, the men of Anathoth; God’s discovery of it to him (Jer. 11:18, 19), his prayer against them (Jer. 11:20), and a prediction of God’s judgments upon them for it, Jer. 11:21-23.