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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 37
Chapter 37

In this chapter we have a further repetition of the story which we had before in the book of Kings concerning Sennacherib. In the foregoing chapter we had him conquering and threatening to conquer. In this chapter we have him falling, and at last fallen, in answer to prayer, and in fulfillment of many of the prophecies which we have met with in the foregoing chapters. Here we have, I. Hezekiah’s pious reception of Rabshakeh’s impious discourse, Isa. 37:1. II. The gracious message he sent to Isaiah to desire his prayers, Isa. 37:2-5. III. The encouraging answer which Isaiah sent to him from God, assuring him that God would plead his cause against the king of Assyria, Isa. 37:6, 7. IV. An abusive letter which the king of Assyria sent to Hezekiah, to the same purport with Rabshakeh’s speech, Isa. 37:8-13. V. Hezekiah’s humble prayer to God upon the receipt of this letter, Isa. 37:14-20. VI. The further full answer which God sent him by Isaiah, promising him that his affairs should shortly take a happy turn, that the storm should blow over and every thing should appear bright and serene, Isa. 37:21-35. VII. The immediate accomplishment of this prophecy in the ruin of his army (Isa. 37:36) and the murder of himself, Isa. 37:37, 38. All this was largely opened, 2 Kgs. 19:1-37