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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 20
Chapter 20

In this chapter, I. The prophet is consulted by some of the elders of Israel, Ezek. 20:1. II. He is instructed by his God what answer to give them. He must, 1. Signify God’s displeasure against them, Ezek. 20:2, 3. And, 2. He must show them what just cause he had for that displeasure, by giving them a history of God’s grateful dealings with their fathers and their treacherous dealings with God. (1.) In Egypt, Ezek. 20:5-9. (2.) In the wilderness, Ezek. 20:10-26. (3.) In Canaan, Ezek. 20:27-32. 3. He must denounce the judgments of God against them, Ezek. 20:33-36. 4. He must tell them likewise what mercy God had in store for them, when he would bring a remnant of them to repentance, re-establish them in their own land, and set up his sanctuary among them again, Ezek. 20:37-44. 5. Here is another word dropped towards Jerusalem, which is explained and enlarged upon in the next chapter, Ezek. 20:45-49.