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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 22
Chapter 22

In the close of the foregoing chapter we had Paul bound, according to Agabus’s prophecy of the hard usage he should receive from the Jews at Jerusalem, yet he had his tongue set at liberty, by the permission the chief captain gave him to speak for himself; and so intent he is upon using that liberty of speech which is allowed him, to the honour of Christ and the service of his interest, that he forgets the bonds he is in, makes no mention of them, but speaks of the great things Christ had done for him with as much ease and cheerfulness as if nothing had been done to ruffle him or put him into disorder. We have here, I. His address to the people, and their attention to it, Acts 22:1, 2. II. The account he gives of himself. 1. What a bigoted Jew he had been in the beginning of his time, Acts 22:3-5. 2. How he was miraculously converted and brought over to the faith of Christ, Acts 22:6-11. 3. How he was confirmed and baptized by the ministry of Ananias, Acts 22:12-16. 4. How he was afterwards called, by an immediate warrant from heaven, to be the apostle of the Gentiles, Acts 22:17-21. III. The interruption given him upon this by the rabble, who could not bear to hear any thing said in favour of the Gentiles, and the violent passion they flew into upon it, Acts 22:22, 23. IV. Paul’s second rescue out of the hands of the rabble, and the further course which the chief captain took to find out the true reason of this mighty clamour against Paul, Acts 22:24, 25. V. Paul’s pleading his privilege as a Roman citizen, by which he was exempted from this barbarous method of inquisition, Acts 22:26-29. VI. The chief captain’s removing the cause into the high priest’s court, and Paul’s appearing there, Acts 22:30.