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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 16
Chapter 16

It is some rebuke to Barnabas that after he left Paul we hear no more of him, of what he did or suffered for Christ. But Paul, as he was recommended by the brethren to the grace of God, so his services for Christ after this are largely recorded; we are to attend him in this chapter from place to place, wherever he came doing good, either watering or planting, beginning new work or improving what was done. Here is, I. The beginning of his acquaintance with Timothy, and taking him to be his assistant, Acts 16:1-3. II. The visit he made to the churches for their establishment, Acts 16:4, 5. III. His call to Macedonia (after a restraint he had been under from going to some other places), and his coming to Philippi, the chief city of Macedonia, with his entertainment there, Acts 16:6-13. IV. The conversion of Lydia there, Acts 16:14, 15. V. The casing of an evil spirit out of a damsel, Acts 16:16-18. VI. The accusing and abusing of Paul and Silas for it, their imprisonment, and the indignities done them, Acts 16:19-24. VII. The miraculous conversion of the jailer to the faith of Christ, Acts 16:25-34. VIII. The honourable discharge of Paul and Silas by the magistrates, Acts 16:35-40.