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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8836 unbelief, as response to God
8836 unbelief, as response to God

8836 unbelief, as response to God

The stubborn and sinful refusal to accept God’s word and his messengers. Since the coming of Jesus Christ it is frequently expressed in the rejection of his person and teaching.

Unbelief expressed towards God

Ps 78:22

Rebellion against God 2Ki 17:14-15 See also Ne 9:16; Ps 78:17-19; Ps 95:8-11; Isa 65:2; Jer 7:26; Ac 7:51; Heb 3:12-19

Rejection of God’s promises Ps 106:24 See also Ro 4:20; Ro 10:16; Heb 4:2

Unbelief expressed towards Jesus Christ

Rejection by those close to him Jn 1:11 See also Mt 13:54-58 pp Mk 6:1-6; Lk 4:14-30; Jn 7:5

Rejection of his miracles Mt 12:22-24 pp Mk 3:22 pp Lk 11:14-16

Rejection of his claims See also Lk 22:67; Jn 5:37-38; Jn 6:36,64; Jn 10:24-26; 1Pe 2:7

Rejection of his words Jn 3:11-12 See also Jn 5:46-47; Jn 8:45

Demands for miraculous signs Jn 4:48 See also Mt 12:38-39 pp Lk 11:29; Mt 16:4 pp Mk 8:12; Lk 11:16

Unbelief expressed towards God’s messengers

Ge 19:16 Lot; Ex 4:1 Moses; 2Ki 7:2 Elisha; 2Ch 32:15 Sennacherib of Assyria urges the inhabitants of Jerusalem to disbelieve Hezekiah’s words; Isa 53:1 Isaiah; Mt 21:32 John the Baptist Paul and Barnabas: Ac 13:50; Ac 14:2
Ac 17:13 Paul and Silas Paul: Ac 19:9; Ac 28:24

Unbelief expressed in unrighteousness

Tit 1:15 See also Ro 1:18; 2Th 2:12; 2Th 3:2; 1Ti 1:13

Unbelief despite miraculous signs

Ne 9:16-17 See also Ex 4:8-9; Ps 78:32; Jn 9:18; Jn 10:31-33; Jn 12:37

Means of overcoming unbelief

Jn 10:37-38 the evidence of Jesus Christ’s miracles; Ro 10:14-15 preaching the gospel; 1Co 14:22-24 prophecy in worship; 1Pe 3:1 the behaviour of a believing spouse; 1Ti 1:13 God’s mercy

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