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Dictionary of Bible Themes – 8718 disobedience
8718 disobedience

8718 disobedience

The refusal to obey someone, especially someone in a position of authority. Scripture insists on the need to obey God at all times.

Disobedience enters people’s hearts for various reasons

Disobedience comes through greed and lust Ge 3:6 See also Ge 3:11-12; Ex 16:19-20; Jos 7:20-21; 2Sa 11:2-4

Disobedience arises from impatience Ex 32:23 See also Nu 20:10-11; 1Sa 13:8-14

Disobedience comes through fear Jer 43:2-7; Jn 7:13; Jn 12:42; Gal 2:12

Disobedience results from pride and arrogance Lev 10:1 See also Ex 5:2; 2Ch 26:16

Unbelief is disobedience

Heb 3:12 See also Jer 7:23-28; Ro 11:30-32 Ro 11:20 makes it clear that the disobedience spoken of here was unbelief; Heb 3:18-19; Heb 4:2,6

Lack of love is disobedience

Jn 14:24 See also 1Jn 2:9; 1Jn 3:15

Disobedience to God leads to punishment

Punishment is applied to individuals Ge 3:17-19 See also Ge 3:23-24; Lev 10:1-2; Nu 20:12; 1Sa 28:18; 2Sa 12:14; Jnh 1:10-12; Eph 5:5-6

Punishment for the disobedience of unbelief 2Th 1:8-9 See also Heb 2:2-3

Nations are also punished Ge 15:14 See also Ac 7:7
Dt 11:26-28; 1Sa 12:15 See also Ex 32:35; Dt 28:15; Isa 13:11

Disobedience, like all sin, can be forgiven Ro 5:19 See also Eph 2:1-5

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